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Strange tag

  1. I was looking at my stats and saw that somehow some of my posts have been tagged with "so yourealways the bridesmaidbest man huh" tag. How did this happen and what can I do to eliminate this tag?


  2. Well, I can see where <snicker> that might be a very serious <giggle> problem--especially if your trying to present a professional <chuckle> image to your audience. <ROFL>

    Sorry, Vivian, I couldn't help myself. I looked at your site, and I can't find that anywhere. I'd guess that you either had some kind of glitch on your computer when you were viewing the page or there was something weird going on from the WP end. Anyway, there's no sign of it now that I can find, so it's probably not going out to your readers.

  3. I can. :)

    I was thinking that maybe you had edited one of your categories and changed the name of it. We've had an issue before where one would edit the public name of a category but what it linked to stayed the same. That was my first guess but from viewing your blog, I'm not seeing that here.

    I do note though that, for example on this post where you have it tagged as General, Local, and Norfolk, it's showing up as General, Local, So You'reAlways the Bridesmaid/Best Man, Huh? in the tag system. In fact, if you click through the Norfolk tag on your blog, you get an "No posts found" page within the Tag system.

    I'm voting for somehow the name of the category got changed incorrectly.

    I've gone ahead and sent in a feedback with a pointer to this thread. Hopefully they can fix it. :)

    Hope this helps,

  4. Ya, I noticed similar thing happened on my stat page. A few of my categories had been tagged, and they are regarded as the 'referrers'. My own blog was even considered as the referrer. Strange.

  5. Green, I think you're int eh wrong thread.

  6. Thanks. I found the correct thread and your advice there. It is always a good sign that I am not alone with the symptom. ;)

  7. drmike - you found the same thing that I did. I haven't changed the Norfolk category at all. When I click on the category Norfolk on my blog, everything shows up as it should - not sure what you are referring to about clicking thru the tag system and getting "No posts found"

    I'll submit it thru the feedback system as well. Thanks!

  8. FYI - it has been several months and this problem is still around. Anything I tag with Norfolk is coming up with this funky tag. Guess I need to send another feedback :(

  9. This isn't acceptable Vivian. I agree that you should boot it up through feedback.

  10. Agreed.

    By the way, here's another great example of someone not using specific Tech tags, just the WordPress category tags and they're still being picked up fine.

    And, she's not even using that specific tag but it's still being picked up as such. :)

  11. Still not fixed :( I can't even really use the tag anymore :(

  12. I have previously taken others to task for using the following phrase in a cavalier and flippant manner.

    However, this time it fits ... this sucks ...

    Beloved geeks in sysadmin,
    Please help Vivian with this long standing tag problem.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  13. Feedback sent with a reminder about the issue.

  14. Thanks for the support. I've seen feedback as well.

  15. I just noticed that the Norfolk tag is working and in at least this post, it's pointed to the right place.

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