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    I’m using the spanish interface and at the bottom where it says hte category and the date of the post, appeared “Mañana es mi cumple! ;)” (spanish for Tomorrow is my birthday! ;)
    I don’t know what this mean and how to remove it.

    I mean this part:

    Mañana es mi cumple!!! ;) Martes 25 de Julio de 2006 en 12:47 am y esta archivado en Sin Categorizar, Israel en Guerra. Puede acompañar las respuestas a esta entrada a través de RSS 2.0 feed. Puedes deje una respuesta, o trackback de tu propio sitio. Editar esta entrada.




    We’ve been told about this so we’ll be getting that removed.




    I was one of many, who read in a forum, about the blog that got hijacked.
    Then I clicked on the author’s blog URL.
    Then I read the otherwise blank page that said:
    ‘…instead of reading this boring thing, for a better blog come to WordPress…”
    He claimed you did it.
    What’s the criteria –that causes someone to loose their blog?
    How many WordPress employees does it take to get one’s blog hijacked?
    Or can it be done by just one?
    I have only a few weeks here, so I’d like to know what the chances
    are, of loosing the blog, before deciding whether or not to stay.

    Mysteriously: even though nothing changed, cookies enabled, seven attempts
    failed to get me into my WP Dashboard just now. I had to ask for a new password….




    If you would send a feedback with the details I would be grateful.
    I am vaguely aware of this and I am almost certain I know why it is being done.

    And me do anything untoward to anyone’s blog? No way.



    What’s the criteria –that causes someone to loose their blog?
    Break the TOS, lose the blog. That’s what it is there for.

    How many WordPress employees does it take to get one’s blog hijacked?
    What do you mean by hijacked? There is no hijacked.

    Right now I’m being shot at by person(s) unknown so I am unable to defend myself or anything else against the specifics that are being alleged. Give me information and I will give you more back.



    Mysteriously: even though nothing changed, cookies enabled, seven attempts failed to get me into my WP Dashboard just now. I had to ask for a new password….

    OMG! I found someone more paranoid than me. lol

    But if you click ‘My Account’ at the top right, that usually gets me in when I can’t through the Dashboard.



    I was surprised enough that I did the “save” version of that Forum thread,
    so I found it. I’m not much of a tech but I copied the “Properties”
    of it and this should lead to it:

    If it does not: Post and I’ll copy entire thread –here?



    Thought it was that person.

    They comprehensively broke the TOS.
    I removed their blogs.
    That’s it.

    There is no more or less to it than that.
    And hey – my nick has only got 4 letters and he gets one of those wrong…

    He has nothing to lose by getting at me.
    I have everything to lose by doing anything even remotely close to that.



    1. Click the guy’s profile in that link above.

    2. Click here and check the message



    THAT is Exactly why I asked.
    Plus: I DID notice misspelled name. But accussing of such in an
    open Forum is risky business if lying; he could get banned there also,
    so it had flags + question marks.

    Not my place, not my business, but I’ll still say: If I were you,
    I’d send an e-mail to Google…. (If you send it to Blogger:
    you will be old before they reply.) Plus, if true, That thread
    should not be allowed to remain….
    (I’m assuming: my “Properties” copy/past worked –got you to thread
    –with the copy of blank, comment, etc.?)



    It’s in Google Groups – do Google ever do anything there?

    He is lying.

    Thanks for the link though so I know what was being said.



    You are welcome. I accept the Thanks because it is
    Impressive as hell of moi to be able to link to Any thing,
    including myself.

    Yes, if YOU write to Google: they Will pay attention. Tell
    them your position/title, etc.
    It could be Sweet irony: to get his WEBSITE booted out of
    the Google engine…. Also out of Hotbot, Yahoo, MSN…and
    while you’re at it, why not make the world a better place: write to
    This Blog Owned by Chris McElroy AKA NameCritic.
    NameCritic manages
    blogs for clients and
    consults those who want to run their own blog.
    To contact NameCritic, email (email redacted)
    Who Let The Blog Out?
    Most Wanted Blog
    Missing Children Blog
    More things that just piss me off
    Let’s Talk About ICANN
    Visit the Blog!
    Online Safety Shield
    Online Safety Shield Blog
    Internet Safety Blog

    His content stinks: http://www . b l o g s . p n/



    I broke his link to his site – he doesn’t need any linkage.
    His email address can stay though ;)



    I can’t even get Google to remove incorrect links and I know folks there. :)



    Ahhh…I didn’t think of that. Sheesh, I’m really missing the
    DNA to be a techie…well, I can do other things well….

    If you write to Google: do it seperate from Forum/don’t use
    the Forum link. Employees are rather good at response to
    individual e-mail (within 24-hour), but if you don’t write it
    so that it is passed UP to management /you get reply from
    a newish employee, try to get them to move it up to management,
    not just accept pre-programmed kind of reply.
    It’s serious enough –the thread should not remain in cache….

    It is potential libel issue –for Google.
    (And you thought I’d NEVER notice the “edit” button…shows how much you know.)



    If you pull up the Google cache of the other site in question, looks more like a very poorly done link farm/ advert site to me.



    For the hell of it, I did complain.
    I fully expected this response:

    “Thank you for your note. While we’re sympathetic to your request, we’re not able to help in this instance. Google is a provider of information, not a mediator. We make no claims about the content of the many posts in our archive. We suggest addressing your concern directly to the author of the post in question. For more information, please see our Terms of Service at

    We are not equipped to assess the truth or falsity of statements posted to our site by third parties. Instead, such determinations must be made by a court of law or other government entity. Accordingly, it is our policy, consistent with United States federal law (Section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act), not to remove postings that are alleged to be defamatory. If you choose to pursue legal action against this author, we are prepared to abide by any orders involving the postings in question.

    The Google Team”

    The lesson here is simple: If you wish to libel someone, anyone and do so as horrendously as you wish, use Google Groups. Don’t blog it.

    (Of course, anyone who has used Usenet and been witness to flame wars or better still jumped into them will know this. I just thought I’d share :) )




    When I read Google’s reply to you: it triggered memory of a case I read about, that occured on-line. In this instance: I was trying to convey that YOU should let Google management know who you are; deal with it as a courtesy –your equal opposite, but they can not. Even if: you are Related to a Google employee, IF they take a side/delete thread on your say-so, they are vulnerable –from him.

    Someone else’s client once defamed me. Lost my client. It was the single most painful thing that ever happened to me in business. My client came back to me, but once-superb relationship was spoiled. I plotted, planned, looked up ways to get even. One day said to myself: I may never see/hear/know it, but the Universe will deal with him; give him everything he has comming. It’s the same for you. Nobody can abuse you –without your permission. Don’t give it.

    You booted him, you said, for violating TOS = you protected WP, all the rest of us. The End.
    (Although…checked the thread lately?)

    (Would have posted sooner, but I’m too busy screaming, ripping my hair out, while trying to translate “language” to create a website…I’m close to ripping somebody’s thumbs off, for writing that convoluted dense gibberish…. WHO wrote that stuff?)

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