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Strange Tumbler numbers

  1. These numbers are bit strange:


    An explanation would be nice?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't view other peoples stats, nor do we help with Tumblr issues.

  3. They might help :)

  4. It's not about help. Nor is it about other peoples stats. It's off topic and it's about the article I linked to.

  5. @ dribblingpensioner: Thanks for being kind. I appreciate that.:-)

  6. I didn't mean to be unkind, but you posted a link to your stats and didn't explain why :)

  7. No, they are WP's stats. Not mine. Not about my blog. :-)

  8. I know that now, I think I need to go to bed =/

  9. Looks like you could dispute Wire's magazine claim that Tumblr is second in page views, after Facebook.. 348 million "people" viewers per month.
    Tumblr 229 million "people" viewers in a quarter (that would be three months).

  10. @ ardpete: All is well that ends well. You are always welcome in this thread. :-D

    @ dlager: Yep, strange calculator they use at that site. And the winner is.........WordPress!

  11. The numbers are right on.

    I've been posting at for six years, and I have about 4200 posts. I've been posting at Tumblr for two years, and I have over twenty thousand posts. Tumblr is a pageview MACHINE, and part of the reason is that your dashboard doesn't show you your stuff; it shows you every other Tumblr you subscribed to, so every time you open your dashboard it counts as at least 20 pageviews on those blogs.

    I've been following some Tumblrs for quite a while, and now got assigned to write about it. One Tumblr post got 56,000 shares in eight hours. That's how viral things can be on Tumblr.

    You must understand the difference between Tumblr and WordPress. is for original blogging. Tumblr is for "I saw this cool thing LOOK LOOK EVERYBODY LOOK".

  12. Thumbs up for Raincoaster :)

  13. Thank you.

    Additionally, Tumblr has enabled Endless Scrolling, which vastly inflates your views. Now has too:

  14. So: Tumbler count post views as multible page views? That's cheating...

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