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Streaming Audio

  1. Hi......I'm trying to add the "Audio Player" on my site as an alternative to downloading the MP3 files themselves. I followed the instructions on the FAQ page but my Audio player is saying "File not found". Could someone help me understand what I have done wrong?

    AND, is there a way to have the cool icon but not to stream? But to just download? Instead of clicking on the file? If not, I want to figure out how to get the stream player working.


    The link is: The "file not found" is at the top of the page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can insert an image and link it to the URL of the uploaded file, if you want.

    The file that's in the audio player is:

    You can see the weirdness in that. The downloadable file is correctly formatted, as:

    I think when you put the file in the audio player you left the visible spaces, and this scrambling is what happened. Try copying directly from the downloadable file URL above and putting that in and seeing if it fixes things.

  3. Hang on. It's working for me now. Don't know why it wouldn't work for you, but it IS opening in Quicktime.

  4. It's still not working for me. Any ideas? I changed the link and it's still dead. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

  5. Does anyone have any ideas about how to remedy this?

  6. If people know the answer, they usually post it. No answer means nobody knows, not that they're deliberately ignoring you.

  7. This was a cheeky way of getting my question back to the top! Foiled.

  8. Bumping threads is not encouraged in the forum, and tends to get your question answered slower. Believe me, the people who know the answers know how to find the questions.

  9. My apologies. How does the process work? Are there staff who search for questions to answer?

    I appreciate your help.

  10. Staff rarely post in the forums. The forums are almost entirely volunteer-run. The idea is, people put the specific issue in the title (which is why titles like "help" or "have a problem" are useless) and then people who have some knowledge of the issue read the thread and post solutions if they have them.

  11. Thanks for that.

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