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Streaming webcam video in wordpress and embedded

  1. Hai i run into a topic about streaming your webcam into WordPress as a page, post or widget through this topic:

    and I found some easy solution, although it is linked:

    Install and connect your webcam that is working right.
    Download broadcam from NCHSoftware:
    Configure the software, and verify that your cam is streaming on the outside of your network ( internet not local network only) - so give it an appropriate port and open it in the firewall.

    Go to your WordPress site and install the insere iframe plugin:
    Activate the plugin and call it in your page / post / widget.
    in the URL fill in your WAN ip address with !!! the appropriate port you selected
    and choose width and hight.

    Update and here your live streaming cam is there. You can choose windows media player or similar presentation (ASF extension for the stream) or Flash, whatever you prefer.

    Example to view: Http://

    Good luck to all!

  2. Thanks for putting that up, but your solution can only be used on WordPress.ORG as we cannot install any plugins on our WordPress.COM sites.

    But, it seems that can still be used for live streaming

  3. (email deleted)

  4. Hmmm I agree with that, but might be usefull for the people who use WordPress through their hosting provider, or running their own server @ their house internet connection :-)
    Setting up your WordPress website with XAMPP,
    on a local 2nd PC @ Home is just a couple of clicks :-)

  5. Sorry if it wasn't clear the first time, but you are posting in the wrong forum.

    Perhaps reading these will explain better why your solution won't work here:

    8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums or ? The difference.


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