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Street wear vs. High end? Which do you prefer?

  1. The battle of the titans, and as time progresses we must switch our style up according to our age. the age old myth and battle between street wear and high end has intertwined. Hybrid Snick Magazine offers you the best selection of brands, not necessarily what you see on t.v/ everyday because its much of bull.We have lost our individualism, and creativity to mainstream : music, movies, etc... Why is that people are afraid to take fashion risks? why must we wear what celebrities wear? its not gonna guarantee you that house in the hampton's anytime soon.Feel comfortable in your body, and at hybrid snick, we express those values of creativity, and identity. My word press family, have showed us a lot of support, check out the site and let what you think. My passion is to be in fashion.

  2. Did you know it's illegal in some areas to wear fashion?

    'tis true.

  3. I wish my end were a little higher and that's all I have to say about that.

  4. I don't really like the fact that people tends to wear what the celebrities wear. I showed up wearing colorful snickers, and a few days later everybody went out walking in colorful snickers.

  5. what is that? sneakers, knickers or chocolate?

  6. I just wear whatever's comfy and looks nice to my own eyes.
    But I do try to copy some celeb makeups.

    We (or I) probabaly mimick them because they have professional makeup artists (atleast most do), and the makeup they do is eye-catching and pretty.
    I want pretty makeup too!
    So yea, simple as that.

    Probably a similar reason for trend followers... maybe... idk.

  7. Clothes make the man. People try and project who they are by what they wear, simple as that. And if they follow a celebrity fashion-wise, they want to tell people that they are akin, whether consciously or not.

    I wear whatever is comfortable and what I think looks good on me. Whether that's band t-shirts (a lot of those), jeans and vans, or button-up shirt, it's always my decision more than anyone else. But I'll definitely agree that my "fashion" choices are influences by people I respect and admire, and by the culture to which I'm drawn.

  8. street. hands down. although a lot of street now a days is knock off high end.. so you really gotta hunt for those diamond's in the rough.

  9. Evchon, methinks man makes the clothes -- that's why we got garmen factories, right? right?

    I often wear almost nothing since am the only primate where I live, the jungle :-P

  10. I'm all about comfort, whether that's street wear or high end. I also think there's a time and a place for dressing up to be respectful, and a time and a place where people try too hard and end up putting ribbons on pigs, if you're familiar with the expression.

    Dress comfy - it'l make you more relaxed and put you in a better mood.

  11. I prefer street Swear like those brother wear ... ,you know, like yo muthafucka, wtf r u doin in my neighborhood? want sum bullet, huh?

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