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Stretched Images

  1. Stretched Images ...can I do anything.

    It seems that when some people view my site, some of the pics come out "stretched". I have looked on a few computers and I do see what people are talking about. The aspect ratio is actually not properly kept, so on horizontal type pics, the height comes out as the original, and the width is actually compressed to within the parameters of the actaul "blog use area".

    It seems to be a problem with certain browsers ...the one's I used and saw the stretching on were Firefox and Safari.

    Can I do anything about this? ...other than resize and upload the photos to exact size. Right now I am directly linking and the photos look fine to me and most others, but to some they are stretched. Is there anyway to keep the correct aspect ratio for all browsers?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not able to see the issue on Firefox or Safari.

    Would you be able to take a screenshot and upload it via Media -> Add New in your blog's Dashboard?

  3. I will Macmanx ...thanks. I'll let you know when I upload it...

  4. @happypoppeye
    I'm using Firefoxt 6.0.2 and I do not witness "stretched" images. However, we all know the best course of action is to compress our images and presize them prior to uploading. You are using Choco and the maximum displayed images width in posts and pages on that theme is 644 pixels. When the cropper does not come into play image quality is not compromised. Compressing and presizing images prior to uploading also means that images display without being chopped off or squeezed to fit by browsers. The classic mistake many bloggers make is uploading HUGE images from their computer so I never do that. I compress and presize every image before I upload it.

  5. Sorry about the delay Macmanx. I uploaded a screeenshot...

    This is IE8. The same happens for certain Firefox versions also. I think it's because of the older browsers, and I can also click around on others sites and see the same stretching.


  6. I just used IE8 in both compatibility mode and outwith it and I cannot detect any stretching. I also used Firefox 7 and could not detect any stretching either.

  7. lol :D "outwith" was meant to be "without" sorry

  8. I only get this with Featured Images. I wish there was a decent preview in the Upload pop-up about this. For a week one of the Featured Images on my blog wasa full-length shot of one of my friends, and it turned out the way it was displayed on the main page cropped it to just his crotch. No wonder hits were up.

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