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    Hi all,

    I am using my blog as a website and having issues with Mystique. I am using 1 column + side bar on the right, and on both sides there is about 2.5 inches of background showing. I want to “stretch” the width of the column and side bar so that you see less background. This is also true on the demo version of Mystique. Is there a way to ‘stretch’ it so less background shows, or perhaps is there a better theme for me to use? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is englishmamash.com.



    Do you have the annually renewable custom design upgrade and are you referring to CSS editing? It’s the only way to accomplish what you want to do.


    Thanks for responding – I do not have or know CSS editing unfortunately :( This is the only way to stretch the columns?


    The under the influence theme allows you to adjust column and sidebar widths in appearance > theme options. That is the only theme that had that built in.


    Thanks for the suggestions!


    You are welcome.

    One note on Mystique is that there are a lot of image elements in the design of that theme, which means that in addition to requiring CSS editing to widen it, it also typically requires modification or editing of, or recreation of those image elements.



    This is exactly what I want to do on my site but can’t figure out the CSS, I do have the upgrade. Can you help? http://www.ctworkingmoms.com

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