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Strings in Reader: "You get no post and no comment emails for this blog "

  1. This appears to be implemented as two separate strings, which is a problem.

    I can appreciate that in English you can do something like

    You get (some calculation here) for this blog

    but this doesn't work in many languages, notably latin languages, where, when the condition is "none" for one of the arguments, it implies that the string has to start with the equivalent of "You don't get any..."

    Can it be made a single, perhaps printf()'ed, string?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for the report :)

    Where in the reader do you see this exactly? or do you perhaps have a link to the string?

  3. I can give you the position in the code (it's in the exported .po), let me know if you need me to post that here.

  4. Noted and reported. Thank you!

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