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Stripped Paragraph spacing

  1. I am trying to write a post on I cannot get paragraph breaks into my text. My text ends up as one long block of text. I enter multiple returns/enters in the visual editor and all I get are &nbsp tags. These get stripped by the visual editor on save draft. I enter <p> </p> tags in the HTML editor, these get stripped by the visual editor.

    Paragraphs are good. They give you white space and make things readable.

    Help please.
    Blog url:

  2. Does the same issue happen in Pages as opposed to Posts?

  3. Yes. The same behavior. I tried single returns, double returns (gives me an &nbsp which then gets stripped out) and manually inserting <p> tags.

  4. Can you tell us which browser (and version of) you're using?

  5. IE 6. just kidding. I tried this and it is repeatable on:

    Safari Version 5.1.2 (7534.52.7)

    Chrome 16.0.912.63

    On Mac OS X 10.7.2

  6. Are you able to enter line breaks if you switch themes?

  7. I tried the Inuit Types theme and Sandbox 1.6.2

    Both had the same behavior - multiple returns only inserts &nbsp and those get stripped out.

  8. ps. My current theme is Annotum Base.

  9. Hello,

    This is a bug in the Annotum theme that was fixed:

    Are you still running into this problem?

  10. Markel

    Yes. My bug is similar but it spans multiple themes (see above). I have manually inserted <p> tags and they are stripped out. Multiple <enter> key entries only insert &nbsp characters and they are stripped out. I have a hack that works but it is painful. I insert a <div style="height: 14px;"></div> line where I want paragraph breaks. Those don't get stripped out.

    Everything else I've tried does get stripped out. Safari, Chrome, three themes.

  11. Paragraph tags are now removed from HTML that is entered on as an intentional change.

    A normal hit or Return on your keyboard in the Visual editor will insert a paragraph break as it is designed by the theme. The Annotum theme wasn't respecting this before but should now insert those as intended.

    Can you direct me to a post that is still displaying this problem?

  12. Would you like to try it yourself? I will make you an editor on the test blog (which is private).

    It is currently running a different theme which also has the problem. Sandbox 1.6.2

    If you want an account on test, send me a username or email to add. I have no visible posts with the problem. The site is a production site for a peer-group of Enterprise, Business and Technical Architects in Higher Ed. Don't really want bad posts out there.

  13. Markel

    I can also post a screen capture of the problem later if you want.

  14. The spacing in the most recent post on your test blog is paragraph spacing for that theme without any CSS changes.

  15. I just switched it back to Annotum and the lines run together. Is this a CSS problem with Annotum theme? I see the editor stripping the <p> tags (correct behavior) and &nbsp tags

  16. If you look at older posts under Annotum (Like Lurkers on the List), the text is all run together.

  17. This is the bug with Annotum that I posted above. It has been fixed in the self-hosted version of the theme but not yet on

    I am checking into it.

  18. Excellent. Thanks for your help.

  19. It should now work when you look at a single post in Annotum.

  20. Markel - it does. Yay! Thanks for your help.

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