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    I’ve tried absolutely everything I can think of, everything I’ve seen, but still the featured image of my latest post is not showing up on the Structure theme. On Theme Options I have the following settings:

    Featured category: Uncategorized
    Single feature image: unticked (ticked doesn’t work either)

    On my featured post, the category is Uncategorized, and I have set the feature image. I uploaded it via Photobucket because the upload straight from my Computer gave me an IO error. Photobucket upload doesn’t make it show up on home, so I tried Tinypic, still no luck.

    The image is 620 x 380, so it should be showing up. I tried it in different areas of the post, I removed the other image of the post, but STILL it will not show up.

    I really hope someone can help me sort this out, because you have no idea how frustrating it is refreshing the page to see that, for some reason, the featured image will still not show up.


    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi Tess, thanks for replying.

    Unfortunately that article didn’t offer anything I hadn’t already tried – I also tried using the “Browser Uploader” for the Featured Image, in case I had to upload from computer, but that’s not worked either. I really have no idea what it is I’ve not done right!



    If it helps, the featured post from which the featured image is not appearing was imported from Blogger?



    Right, just tried again and it gave me a “Set as featured image” option which I didn’t have/see before, clicked it and it works now. Sorry if I’ve wasted anyone’s time!


    You didn’t have/see it before because you were rying to use images hosted elsewhere. For featured images you have to use images uploaded to your blog.

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