Structure is editing my code? Bug??

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    Hi – i love the structure theme but it seems it may have a bug when i try to use some html code, even stuff that’s embedded in wordpress.
    My ‘pricing’ page is a good example. I’ve included a form at the bottom of the page using the wordpress button, but as soon as I press publish or preview, it disappears! The form worked fine until I changed the page to include the little number images.

    Another example is myluxury page where everytime I add some code to the table to make the images centre, when I press publish it deletes that bit.

    Any idea what’s going on?

    The blog I need help with is



    In most cases when members post to the forum about the Structure theme we find they are not aware of how the them is designed to operate. may I suggest that you read this post please?



    I’ve actually had the same thing happen to tables — they lose centering when posted — when I was using Ocean Mist. I just shrugged and left it alone, since it wasn’t vital, but it is odd, and if you find a fix, I’ll be interested in it for the future. (Haven’t used tables since changing themes, so I don’t know if it’s a problem in Coraline, too.)


    Thanks for replying Timethief, but unless there’s something in particular you’re trying to point to, that blog post had pretty basic info on how to use Structure, and nothing about the issue I’ve mentioned?



    You did not say what code is being stripped – some code is stripped for security reasons:



    Thanks and good catch. :0


    I’ve included a form at the bottom of the page using the wordpress button

    The only form we can use is found here > all others are stripped by the software to preserve security as this is a mutltuser blogging platform.


    @mmadfan: Many tutorials give outdated table coding, and some themes accept that outdated coding while others don’t. In Coraline the easiest way to center a table is this:
    `<div align=”center”>



    @pagaghiotisadam: Yeah, I figured I’d have to put it in div tags instead of the older standard center ones, but I hadn’t tried it yet. I remember when I was inserting the table back ages ago — or I’d edited the contents of a table that I’d imported with my LJ transfer, I think — I only tried the centering tags, and as it was late and I didn’t want to fiddle with it, and I just never went back and tried that after it occurred to me that might have been the solution. Thanks for confirming it — when I’m doing tweaking again, I’ll go fix it. (It’s an old post but still gets a fair number of hits.)

    I appreciate the help! :-)


    HI all – thanks for responses…

    @timethief, it was the standard wordpress form that I was trying to use but that’s what it was stripping out. Solution i found was inserting the form while in the HTML view, rather than the Visual view. No idea why that made a difference, but it worked!

    Still can’t get the images in my tables to centre, even using the div code above. is the page. if anyone has any ideas please let me know!


    @sparkleinvitations: My reply to mmadfan referred to centering the table, not the content of each cell.

    Your images show up off center because the CSS of the theme specifies unequal cellpadding (top, bottom and left .5em but right 1.5em), plus a 15px bottom margin for captioned images. To counter that, you need to write each and every opening td tag this way:
    <td style="padding:15px 0 0;">

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