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Structure theme, drop down menu is wonky.

  1. I bet I know the answer to this one... but here it goes.

    I have several sub pages and, after several days of just pounding the keys, I've managed to get the Structure theme to work the way I want it to, for the most part. Now I notice that the second of two drop down menus looks, well, bad. The text is longer than the white background spacer. Some lines are doubled up while others are not.

    I was HOPING that today's technology, with such a recently authored theme, would allow the text to be long, and to automatically stretch the drop down menu's background to fit the text. Isn't that the magic of CSS? flexibility within the theme?

    I tried changing the order of the menus, but it didn't make a difference.

    So I suspect the answer is "buy the CSS upgrade" to fix menus that aren't coded to adapt to various length of text. But I'm hoping there may be a trick that I can wield to make it work right.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think the answer should be: contact staff and suggest they fix this.

    In the meantime try typing your page titles in capitals.

  3. Contacted.

  4. Your main page is called "The Producer's Notebook". Why do you need to add notebook to all your subpages ? As a visitor, I personnaly find this a little bit "heavy" to see all this "notebook" words. Being in a "notebook" section I would understand to visit a notebook if you had only put Backcpuntry hiking, Dalton Highway, .... ,River rafting.
    Of course, this is an absolute personal point of view from a foreigner visitor.
    And this does not prevent me to be interested by the answer from the staff... just in case.
    Btw, beautiful pictures and countrysides...

  5. Tassipoee, thanks for the compliment.

    In discussing the menuing, we decided to put the word Notebook in each of the menu items to avoid confusion with each of the similarly titles video pages. I know it's a bit redundant. And we hashed this back and forth, but we just felt it was clearer should someone drag down a menu and not really be paying attention to which menu it was. This is also why the Notebook menu is further to the right, and not right next to the Video menu.

  6. I did get a response from WP and they said that this sounds like a bug. Asked for more details, which I provided and will get back to me.

  7. Thread moved to the themes forum...


  8. They tweaked the background to make it a big bigger, but the text still has two line sin one part. They explained the reasoning and I'm okay with that. It makes sense.

  9. I don't know what support team did but I had no problem with my drop down menu and now, I have.
    Now that they read the forum more carefully I hope they will see my post or I will report to support directly this afternoon.

    When people hover my menu Activit├ęs, they can see 3 sub menus Lait, Pommes de terre and Meuh-Meuh. But when they hover "Pommes de terre", the sub sub pages are hidden because the background of the sub pages have been made bigger.

  10. And please don't forget the sub sub sub pages.... (look at Lait as an exemple).

  11. The background problem ieba brought forth was indeed a bug. We deployed a fix for it yesterday.

    @ieba, thanks for pinging us about it!

  12. @tassiopee I see the issue now with the sub-pages. We'll work on a fix for that as soon as possible.

  13. Hewsut....Have you read what I wrote ? I just sent a mail to the support because what you did damaged the rest of the drop down menu.

  14. Ahhh ! Thank you Lance.

  15. @tassiopee Can you try your menus now? Should be fixed.

  16. It is.... Ouf ! Thank you again.... Lance. As soon as you catch the attention of the appropriate person, you get very fast the answer.

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