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Structure Theme: Front Page vs Post Page

  1. From my first impression of the theme and from looking on Organic's site to view a demo ( for the Structure theme, I know the home/front page should have the featured image and the right sidebar column with the 3 columns below. However, when I have my front page set to 'Prologue' (page order #0) and my post page set to 'Chrysalis' (page order #1) I get the post format on my front page and the home page format on my post page. I also set them both to page order #0, but nothing changed. I addition, if I switch the assignments I still get the home page format on the 2nd page. On the other hand, if I clear the assignments then the home page will have the correct format, but I can't assign a post page.

    What am I doing wrong? What did I miss? How can I get the home page to show the very cool home page layout for the Structure theme and have a post page?

    Thanx in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The Structure theme has unique features. This article describes them very clearly >

  3. Thanx Timethief; that's a really great write up and from it I gather that there is no post page and that a reader would just click the 'Read More' link to jump to the permalink for that post. So, it sort of answers my question, but what format is this page if it is not a post page (rather than a single post page):

    Or am I still missing the point?

  4. I don't know and I'm sorry but I don't have time to use my test blog to go through the motions and report the results back to you. I believe all bloggers need test blogs for this purpose and we can register one very easily. When you are logged into you point your browser to to register your new blog. and are completely separate and run on different software.
    That means there are different versions of the theme. The version available here at has been "adapted" so it runs on our software and that may mean that it does not have all of the same features that the version has. Moreover, bloggers can hack their templates and themes and we user cannot do that.

    The good news is that we can spilt content in several ways on blogs. The most common way is by inserting "the more tag". However, note that on blogs we cannot edit the underlying template so this is automatically done by the software. We must insert "the more tag" on each post and/or page.

  5. this page gathers all the posts filed under the category called "Blog".
    Thanks to the "custom menu" you can have in your menu either static pages or "category" pages.

  6. @tassiopee
    Good catch - thanks. :)


    Have you ever wanted to have a different title for one of your pages than the label displayed in your site’s navigation? Ever wanted to change the order of the list of pages to an order you chose yourself? Ever wanted to be able to mix pages, categories, and random links in your navigation instead of your theme deciding for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in luck! The new custom menus feature will do all those things.

    Go to Appearance → Menus in your dashboard to get started, and follow the directions there.

  7. @ocaino (re your first post): By default, your blog front displays your latest posts. If you set your front to display a static page instead, and set a "posts" page too, then the posts page will display your latest posts.

    @ocaino (re your second post) and tassiopee: That's the version for self-hosted blogs. As timethief said, the version of the theme is different - doesn't have that type of page.

  8. @panos (as I often saw if you agree because much easier)... : even if it is an example of a self hosted blog, I thought and think that this kind of page would look almost exactly the same in thanks to the custom menu... don't you ?

  9. Depends on what your idea of "almost exactly the same" is. In the version, category pages display both sidebars.

  10. Right..I checked just after posting and regretted the "exactly".. almost the same was more appropriate.

  11. @timethief: I appreciate the suggestion, but boogiestopshuffle is somewhat of a test blog (actually I already have 2 others; one that focuses on text-heavy blogs and another for image heavy/focused blogs) I haven't started writing this story so I am using it to try something completely new with not only the Appearance, but with the Settings too. Since I use the same format for all of my graphic novel blogs, I really can't afford to start tinkering with them directly.

    @tassiopee & @timethief: THANX! I did read a few things about the custom menus but until now, I didn't have a need for it. Thanx so much for pointing it out. OH! and it WORKS!

    @EVERYONE! Thanx a bunch for taking the time to guide me. Usually I'm the one answering questions and solving problems (at work), so it's great to know it works both ways.

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