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Structure Theme - grey box?

  1. No answer yet -

    "Timethief - I have your problem too -

    "I also could not find where the settings for changing from a 3 column to 2 column theme are located."

    I want to post poetry, but it makes a big mess of that.

    Any tips? Help?"

  2. @joniew: There are no "settings for changing from a 3 column to 2 column theme". The description "two-columns, three-columns" apparently refers to the unique structure of the frontpage: upper part 2 columns (featured image + 1 sidebar), lower part 3 columns (posts + 2 sidebars).

    As for posting poetry, what exactly are you looking for?

  3. Ok, thanks, then this theme is not for me. Shame.
    I'm looking for a magazine type layout, like Inuit type which I have used on Unchained Peace -
    But as you see the poems lose their format, but gain it again when opened on a new page.
    I want to post longer poems but with them keeping their format using a magazine style theme.
    Tried Under the Influence, but it crashes Firefox and Chrome in the preview!
    With all these new themes coming out I'm sure to be lucky someday. It's a great job they're doing and thanks for your help!

  4. OK, I posted two easy (well, easier) to follow posts on my blog for anyone who is still having problems with this theme:

    All comments are welcome.

  5. Hi,
    So Im a part of a blog on here that has 3 authors. We use the Structure theme, my issue is when the other 2 authors post, the featured image changes. However when I post, (and yes I do set the featured image) the big box at the top does not change. It remains the same image from the post before. So I dont know what is wrong. I even set a dummy admin acct and made a post and the box did not change. So can some one please tell me what the issue is with this theme or is it not good for multiple authors or what? Its realllly frustrating!

  6. Don't be frustrated contact Staff so the Theme Team can get back to you. This doesn't sound like "normal" behavior. Here's the link >

    BTW the new Authors Grid widget works on my blog. Have you tried it yet?

  7. @yanneek: Please paste the URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your username to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). We usually need that to give a relevant answer.

    The big box displays the featured image from the latest post filed under a featured category. Are your posts filed under that category?

  8. overlandtraveller

    Thanks for all the help. I've finally figured out the featured image, but I must admit I really don't like having two images exactly the same right next to each other on the homepage.

    Does anyone else take issue with that?

  9. Have a look at
    (replace Article by post... a translation issue).

  10. hi, has anyone received an answer from staff about this? I just spent hours configuring my site and am now stuck with the featured image block on my blog page - anybody knows if they plan to enable this as an option only?

  11. @ronchik
    The answer is the gray box for a featured image is the primary feature of this theme. If you don't appreciate the use of it - you can switch themes.

  12. Agree with timethief: the homepage top area is the single distinguishing feature of the theme. Besides, removing it is already possible: you just need the paid CSS upgrade.

  13. I've followed every single step and instruction, but there is still no picture in the grey box. Could someone please help me? I must've googled for help at least a dozen times and even though I tried everything, nothing is working.

    Please note that I would like to put the picture in that huge grey box at the top and not as part of a post. Just to clarify things =)

    Thank you in advance!

  14. thank you so much! it worked! it worked!

  15. I followed all the instuctions to put an image in the grey box. It was fine until I published two other posts: now the grey box is back again! Why? How can I fix it?

  16. You must have published them with the categorie Bienvenue.... which you should keep for the posts you choose to highlight thanks to the featured image. I had warned you in the last point of

  17. You guys are lifesavers (blogsavers) for having this discussion. I tried the theme and couldnt tweak the box. Thanks to you all, I'm using it now. I love it. What I love most is i can combine my two big loves: writing and photography, with the "featured image" feature on each post. Take care and here's to great days ahead. Cheers,

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