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    Hi all,
    I’m having difficulty customising the Harmonic theme. I’ve tried changing background and adding widgets, such as the music player, but nothing appears other than text.

    I tried this on some other themes with the same problems, leading me to think I’m the problem – but I’m unsure of the solution.

    Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Looks like you’re now using Singl – did you still need any help?

    If you’re new to you might like to check out our guide for beginners:

    Each theme also has its own setup guide. Here are the ones for Singl & Harmonic.

    If you’re not seeing your widgets you may not be looking at the right place on your site, as different themes may display widgets in different locations. For example, there may be a widget area that’s only displayed in the footer, or in a sidebar on single posts, or tucked away in a sliding panel – it depends on the theme.

    In Singl, I see you have placed some widgets in the footer. Clicking the icon at the bottom right will open up the panel so you can see the widgets.

    For the Gallery widget, you still need to select some images to display in it. Learn how to set it up. For the music players, you need to select some songs before anything will happen – click “choose songs” to get started. Keep in mind that to upload audio to your site you’ll need the Space Upgrade, which is available through the Premium or Business plans.

    There are lots more ways musicians can use a site – check out this page:

    Let me know if you get stuck again and I’ll be glad to help.




    Thanks for replying so quickly.

    Well, I’ve got a bit further as the Singl theme is easier to customise for me. The widgets don’t appear at all in the browser for me, nor any other menus.

    The music player wouldn’t let me upload songs, but as you pointed I don’t have the Spaces upgrade, so that’s fine.

    If it’s the upgrades preventing me from doing some stuff, that’s fine – as long as it’s not me overlooking something simple.



    I’m glad Singl is easier to customize!

    The widgets don’t appear at all in the browser for me, nor any other menus.

    They aren’t appearing right now because it looks like you’ve removed them. The only one left is the music player, but since there are no songs, it’s not appearing on the public side of your site. Try a different kind of widget as a test, like a text widget in which you add a simple sentence. It should then show up when you click the green arrow at bottom right.

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