Stuck on Mojo "coming soon" page (on chrome only)

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    About 24 hours ago I set up my self-hosted wordpress blog. When I go to my site using the Chrome browser I created it with, I still see the Mojo coming soon page; however, on any other browser or device, including different computers, the site appears as it is meant to. I can’t seem to get the Mojo message to go away on my own browser.

    Things I tried already:

    I clicked through the “Your site is currently displaying a “Coming Soon” page. Once you are ready to launch your site click here” message, to no effect.

    I deactivated, and then deleted the Mojo plugin.

    I cleared my browser history.

    I restarted Chrome, then restarted my computer.

    Does anyone know what is causing this, and how to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Update: the page also displays properly if I switch to a different chrome user, or an incognito tab. I tried logging in and out of my Chrome account with no change on the page.

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