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Stuck on Repeat

  1. After graduating from UT Austin in May ’09 Katherine joined AmeriCorps NCCC, a travelling national service program, where she lived and worked in eleven cities in five different states over a period of two years. Though the experience was unforgettable it sometimes feels like it was just a postponement of the post grad career blues.

    She now lives in a co-op with eleven other people and is searching for work. With the economy the way it is and her experience level achingly low she has decided to pursue employment in the vein of several part time jobs rather than fighting it out to find what her parents would deem a “real job.” As of yet her potential new job titles include baker’s assistant, bartender, writing intern, and librarian. The adventures of obtaining and holding down these vastly different occupations will hopefully be entertaining.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why are you referring to yourself in the third person? I find that to be very odd.

  3. This is actually the bio for our latest blogger, Katherine Shaye. We have four different bloggers on our site, so even though I have posted it, I am not writing sbout myself. Thanks for your interest!

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