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  1. I'm new to all this ... I've just set up my classroom blog. I plan to add students next month as "authors".
    If I want each student to have a seperate "area" for their personal posts / reflections / responses to assignments etc. do you recommend giving each student a "page", or creating another "child" blog under mine (as the "parent" blog) for them? ... I hope this question makes sense :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do NOT use a Page; it won't work that way.

    Just allow them to post normally. All posts will come up in chronological order in the blog, but that cannot be avoided. If you put the Author widget in the sidebar, people can click on each student's name and get all their posts at once.

  3. If you have many students and Posts consider using the "more" feature to show only the first paragraph or two, that will mean the page is not so long and you do not need to scroll through so much text to see all the Posts. (Top row two boxes with the line between them)

  4. Thanks - both helpful!

  5. You be welcome - good luck with your class

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