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student files I uploaded to a post

  1. griffith215shs

    Files are not displaying in post I generated. I attached student presentation files and they do not display on the blog. Help?
    Blog url:

  2. What kind of files?

    Created in what program?

  3. What were the file types?

    Have you looked in your Media Library for the files?

    Sometimes files are uploaded but the link is not displayed - you might need to make a link to the files - write some text that tells what the presentation is then turn the text into a link

  4. What file format are the presentations?

    Did you make sure you created a link to each file? This article will show you how to create that link in step 4.

  5. Oops, sorry auxclass and woodpecker, I usually refresh before I post, but forgot this time. At least we all are going in the same direction with our replies. LOL

  6. griffith215shs

    it shows up in the gallery but not on the post where I uploaded them. the files are powerpoint presentations my kids did.

  7. griffith215shs

    also, when you go to my classroom blog, there is no way to find the gallery. so confused!

  8. If you found your items in the media library you need to connect them to your post and create a link to each one.

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