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    HI There,

    I am a brain dead Blogger. I would like to add some code to my simple.php that was provided by stumble upon.

    I don’t know CSS or anything else.

    Can somebody step me through the steps?

    The stumble upon directions are

    * Download this image StumbleUpon icon and upload it to your account.
    * Edit “single.php” of your WordPress theme.
    * Find the following line (or similar line, depending on your theme file) in “single.php”: Read the rest of this entry »
    * Immediate after the line, add the code below.
    * Save and upload “single.php” back to your WordPress theme folder. Done!

    The code is ….
    &title=<?php the_title(); ?>”><img src=”icon_su.gif”> Stumble it!



    We are not able to access or edit our php at at all. If that’s what you’re seeking then you should consider getting a free download of a blog theme from

    Here we can personalize our blogs through the use of sidebar text widgets and through uploading custom headers on some themes. We can purchase an upgrade and customize or theme’s css but no editing of the php can take place here on a multi-user blogging platform. It would mean that everyone who had a blog with the same theme would be effected by such editing.

    Here are the specifics




    Are you blogging on if you are then you have no chance of adding anything to your “single.php”.

    We are on a shared blogging platform. This means that the html for the themes is shared by many thousands of users. Chagning the HTML for one user will affect every user of that theme.




    You can, however, add a button or a link for Stumble Upon members to add your post to Stumble. I did some text formatting for it and sunburntkamel has made icons for it as well; I have found that it meaningfully increases my hits.

    If you search the forums using the phrase “Social Bookmarking Links” in the search box you should get two or three of the threads where various such things have been discussed. The code should be there, too.

    It’s a nuisance to do put these links in, but it does pay off in hits.

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