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Stumbling through blogs

  1. If you're a stumbleupon user (and you should be), you may find this neat:

    It will let you restrict your stumbles purely to bloggers!

  2. Welcome back. I use stumbleupon frequently. The second link you posted above leads me to a blank page.

  3. Oh neat.

    I like stupmbleupon and click away when I'm bored (and out of books/magazines to read).

  4. Ooh, I didn't know about that, but I haven't stumbled in ages.


    And welcome back, as TT said. :)

  5. I frequently use stumbleupon to review and "stumble" posts that I think are deserving of a wider audience. I rarely use it for web surfing.

    If you see stumbleupon as a referrer on your stats page it means a stumbleupon member like me has reviewed your post and stumbled it. Having a post reviewed and "stumbled" sends you lots of hits.

  6. Stumble is very, very powerful. I got almost 700 hits today so far from Stumble.

  7. One of my posts got stumbled by someone ages back and I got close to 1500 hits from StumbleUpon alone on it. Even made it into the 'upcoming Blogs'. :)

  8. That takes a lot. I went from 1900 hits to 6900 over three days and STILL didn't make that bloody list. I think you have to bribe your way onto it.

  9. {hint} I have stumbled several blog posts this month.

    You don't have to "bribe" your way onto it. A stumbleupon member simply has to freely choose to review one of your posts and "stumble" it.

    {hint} You could choose to become a stumbleupon member.

  10. No, you have to bribe your way onto the Fastest Growing Blogs list. I think it might require bbq.

  11. Well that I can't do the Growing Blog bbq bribe thingee but I did stumble your Virginia Tech post. I also stumbled disembedded's Virginia Tech audio post and one for carocat photo/cancer and two of engtech's guest writer's posts and one of Collin's ... I'm off to stumble. :)

  12. Thanks Timethief. I appreciate it. :)

    It's been a while since I stumbled, might have to do it again, especially now that it's possible to navigate just blogs, something I didn't think was possible.

    I might have to stumble. After blogging though. :)

  13. Thanks timethief!

  14. You're both welcome. :)

  15. ah, thanks for the info about the second link. It is the correct link, but they've blocked it unless you're coming from the first link.

    If you click on the first link it's in the second row on the left.

    thanks for the stumbles TT, I noticed them. :)

  16. /nod to engtech
    I couldn't resist doing another one. There's such great stuff in your blog.

    If anyone has a post that they did a lot of work on and feel it should be stumbled please don't be shy. I'm very accommodating. :)

  17. Thanks for the stumble. It seriously paid off. It is especially valuable if you've got a story that is newsy RIGHT THIS MINUTE, because Stumble is in realtime, not like Fark that people check maybe once a day or a couple of times.

  18. I've just been looking into Digg and Reddit.

  19. defrostindoors

    Digg is full of jerks; reddit is much better, even though everything I submit gets downvoted within the hour.

    If anyone wants to add me to their SU list, my SU name is samoboe.

  20. What *really* works well is finding a niche social voting site, IE: one that is related to whatever topic the blog post is about. They won't drive as much traffic, but it is much better traffic than something big like Digg.

  21. Thanks Engtech & Co for (new to me) recommendation. Usually if I can't read something I'm unfamiliar with without 'sign-up'/join, I won't but I trust you. But: it won't let me sign up, it requires Win2000 and up. Oh well. How's the kitten?

  22. Digg is good for techie stuff. Reddit is much better for thought-provoking social or political stories.

  23. @raincoaster
    Today I stumbled your post on "the wall" that the US started building under the cover of darkness between the the Sunnis and Shiites in Baghdad.

  24. @disembedded
    I stumbled your powerful and insightful post too - Cho Sueng-Hui: Asperger’s Disorder with Psychotic Features.

  25. Thanks: I and my 500 new readers salute you! I wondered who'd stumbled that. Someone also stumbled my post on Kimveer Gill's blog. Although I didn't even go near the internet yesterday, I still had my fifth-highest day! Thanks again; I'd repay the favour, but I can't run stumble on this damn machine.

  26. I don't expect anything in return. Right now I'm really struggling with my vision, with my blogging motivation and with depression. Committing to another year of blogging about the environment when all there is to report is ignorance, inertia, corporate greed and political immobility is more than I can do. If I hear one more climate denier make one more conspiracy theory accusation backed by junk science I may have to be carried off to the nuthouse in a straitjacket.

    Millions of people and hundreds of thousands of species are going to die as earth burns due to climate change and our reluctance to take swift and effective action to change, mitigate and adapt to it. It's already begun.

    Today on the eve of Earth Day I posted an "I'm on vacation for 2 weeks post" on my environmental blog and exported the contents to my own computer. In fact I do not intend to continue with it. Instead I intend to focus on my new personal blog for which I purchased a domain. In it I will blog about some of the enjoyable, meaningful and uplifting parts of my life.

    OOWWWooww ooowwwoooooo!

  27. That's good. If all else fails, positivity-wise, just remember that most of those climate deniers live south of you and will learn soon enough as their Florida condos become Florida fishtanks.

  28. defrostindoors

    Google is creating a rival to SU

    I did happen across a site which works like digg or reddit, only it's for horse news only. Unfortunately it's not in English. :P

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