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(Stupid) gallery questions

  1. 1. Where is my gallery? I have come across it by chance from time to time, but can't find it now that I'm looking for it.
    2. What is it for? I know that it's a collection of images (duh) but why is it useful to have them on my blogsite? Can they be made public? TIA

  2. ? you mean your media library?
    manage -> media library

  3. If you insert a gallery into your post it IS public. Why is it useful? Instead of uploading and inserting photos one-by-one, with the image uploader (when you click the "Add an image" button) you can select and upload many photos at once and insert a gallery of thumbnails that link to the photos.

  4. On second thought, yes, maybe the question is related the the Media Library, and as I understand the Media Library itself is not public, but the images can be accessed via the direct URL, or, if you insert images not as File URL, but as Post URL, then they do become public, as in can be found by I correct?

  5. If there is no separate "gallery" entity, then I guess I am talking about the Media Library. But how is a gallery inserted into a post, if not one-by-one with the image uploader? And can the Media Library be accessed via direct url?

  6. Inserting gallery:
    When editing a post, set your cursor to where you want the gallery inserted, click the "Add an image" button, select and upload many as photos as you want in the gallery, and click the "insert gallery into post "button to insert a gallery of thumbnails. Galleries are linked to posts. You cannot insert a gallery from the Media Library.
    In the Media Library,
    1. clicking the image bring up the image in a separate window; the URL is in the address field of your browser
    2. clicking the image name allows you to add a caption and description
    3. clicking the permalink brings up the image in the form of a post; if you have added a caption and a description they will appear with the image. You can use this URL the same way as in #1

  7. Yes, as wpvstp mentioned there is a separate Gallery entity we can use. It's a real time-saver if you have a lot of photos you want to upload and display together in a Post or Page.

    As for accessing the Media Library by direct URL, can you tell us what is it you want to do with your images?

  8. Oh and FWIW-the "post" wpvstp mentions in #3 is not really a Post and can't be edited like true Posts. You can only edit the Title, Caption and Description either in the Media Library or the Image Uploader. Stranger still, these permalink pages are assigned to your blog's default category and you can't edit this.

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