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    I KEEP GETTING HACKED!!!!! I change my password every time, which was FIVE times, but this hacker keeps getting in, and it’s really annoying!!!!! I removed both of my administrators to prove it wasn’t one of them…and I was hacked AGAIN. It wasn’t one of my administrators…it’s someone called Teh Water Bros the first five times…this sixth time its called UHUB…I think it’s the same person, because they changed my header and my background to a scary monster picture…I’m leaving it up so WordPress can see it and can actually fix it this time…Wordpress is awesome other than this annoying problem! Please fix this!

    ~Melodyc3 :) :o :D

    The blog I need help with is



    BTW it’s, instead of, because I had no idea how to fix some of the problems, so I shut my first site down, after working on it for a ton of my spare time for two months. Please ban Teh Water Bros, UHUB, AND TUXC, (The Ultimate Xat Crew), because Teh Water Bros hacked me AND another WordPress user, Kosta Leka, who both of us shut down our sites. TUXC, hacked user tylercool. PLEASE stop these hackers!!!!!



    SIGH ………. Allow me to tell you the truth. There is no way your site was “hacked”. This is multiuser blogging platform if your site has been invaded that is due to your own behaviors.

    For years we hear this same old darama from club penguin kids who chose to share their log-in information with other, choose to use lame passwords that can be easily guessed, and/or who leave their log-in information where others can get it. We have even had to put up with the drama and remonstatrions of those club penguin kids who have been seduced into allowing despicable lowlife Admin access to their blogs.

    The support documentaion is clear on passwords, security and on the recommendation that there is only 1 Admin per blog.

    Please read >

    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please be paient while you wait for Staff to get to you as there are others ahead of you in the queque.



    1. Do not have anyone on your blog as an admin. Only have one admin, YOU.

    2. Create new passwords for the email address associated with your account here, and make it a strong one, and do NOT use the same password for your account here. If you can remember the password, it is NOT strong enough.

    3. Set a new password for your account here (see #2 above).

    4. Do NOT let anyone else use your computer. If they get into your accounts, they can change your passwords.

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