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    Sorry, i am totally stupid with computer and related…..
    If I copy and paste a part of one of my posts into google, it is not able to find my page. I do not want to link my blog to any application (facebook, twitter and so on….); I just would like to be “visible” on google when someone digits words casually inherent to those contained in my blog. Can you please help me, considering I am totally unexpert with computer and related matters ?

    The blog I need help with is



    Inexperienced is not the same as stupid. :)

    Your site is brand new and you have one post on your site from December 5th, so the likelihood of your site being found in Google at this point is low.

    Keep posting regularly and Google and the other search engines will start to show results, but it may take a few weeks of regular posting before that happens.

    timethief, another forum volunteer, has an excellent post


    Thanks dear Justjennifer, evrything’s clear now. Just we are, may you be so kind to tell me how to visualize “about” as a fixed item in the main page, as it is in your very nice blog ? And how to create other items as gallery photos and so on ? A part visiting your blog, I’ll maybe permit sometime to ask you for other little helps, if it is not a matter for you. However, I added your blog into those I follow, as the first. So let’s say you are my first blogger-friend :) Ciao ciao and again many many thanks,




    How about “basic question from a beginning blogger” next time? Or better yet a good description in the title. “New site traffic question” or words to that effect

    As noted above and the link from Jennifer, you have a five day old blog with ONE post. It take search engines 4 to 6 weeks to index a new web site, and that is only if there is something worth indexing.

    the problem with search engine traffic is getting noticed among the millions of web sites in the world. My main site is boating safety & related subjects, being on page one out of 2.5 million search results is very very hard.

    I don’t read your language, but many blogs start out as something to share with friends, others don’t want their friends to know they have a blog.

    One Cool Site has lots of tips on blogging and links to other good sites. also see the links below for instructions on how to do things.

    Support documents & learn WordPress

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