Stupid question… no REALLY!

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    I just started my account last night and am having a great time playing/exploring… only problem I came across is the order of my posts. I ASSUMED the newest post would display on the top of my blog, but it is not. It posts on the bottom of the page. Once I get going ‘beyond the test mode’ I would like my latest entry to display on the top of the page. I could find nowhere on my dashboard that would let me re-order the posts… how do I get the latest post to post on the top of the page?

    The blog I need help with is


    Member is the blog btw…


    WordPress arranges posts in reverse chronological order (latest post at top by design. What you have experienced can occur if you happen to change the time offset from GMT/UTC at settings > general in between publishing posts.

    You can correct this by opening one of the posts and changing the date/time so that it is in the proper order.



    AHA!.. Yep, I was adjusting my time zone whilst exploring…

    I KNEW it was something simple that I was missing! Thanks a lot


    You’re welcome.


    I also have a tiny little problem with my word press blog so I thought to explain it here, thus avoiding an unnecessary new topic (Mleti, I hope you don’t mind:))
    To cut it short: I was writing a new article for my blog when, suddenly, the font size on my blog became very little as you can see here:
    What can I do to mend it?to make it big again?
    Thanks a lot,



    That’s a separate issue. In future, please do a search of the forums for the issue and add to existing threads. If you can’t find the existing threads on the issue, start a new thread and note that you tried a search.

    I am not seeing the issue you describe on your blog. Perhaps you’ve accidentally reset your text size in the browser: check under View.


    Thanks a million!You were right. I followed your advice and clicked on “Zoom in”, thus increasing the font size.
    Best regards,



    I’m definitely NO expert but I’ve had the small type problem too.. advice that I got in the forum helped me to put it right… lets hope my very basic and very very limited knowledge can help…

    You have your post open in the dashboard for “edit post”.. on the right side of the screen you will see two tabs, one says ” visual” the other says ” HTML”.

    If you have it open in Visual, then photos will display .. as normal looking photos should….. you see the picture that makes sense to people…

    Now you have it open in HTML, then the photo will show as a long link of text… code gobbledy gook computer stuff that makes sense to computers… like this:

    [caption id="attachment_4284" align="aligncenter" width="360" caption="(photo © kiwidutch)"]<img class=”size-full wp-image-4284″ title=”Sackville waterfowl2i (Small)” src=”” alt=”” width=”360″ height=”480″ />[/caption]

    Ok,, now the text… click on your post in the HTML format and you will see more of that gobbledy gook stuff all around your text, somewhere in there will be the words ” small” or “tiny” with lots of ” <<” and “>>” thingys.. just select and edit out these. leaving your original text intact. Save and et voila the text should be back into normal size. ( well at least worked when I had the problem in my posts)

    Yep, thereIS a quicker more direct and technical way to put this but I don’t have the computer skills to tell you how in techno-speak,

    Hope this makes sense anyway.. and hope it works for you. :)
    cheers…. kiwidutch.


    Thanks a lot, kiwidutch.I’ll bookmark this page with your answer in case I’ll need it in the future.



    Bisous back Roxanna :) and Joyeux Noel !

    Didn’t see you post earlier s I’ve been busy comuting from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern one right now… jet lag is noooot good, but at least I’m wearing a tee shirt and shorts this evening instead of freezing and sneezing back home…

    Hope you could make sense of my technical (NOT) answer… did it solve your problem?
    I hope so… happy blogging and have an excellent Christmas!

    ….kiwidutch :)

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