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Stylesheet missing

  1. Hey everyone, i have a bit of an issue with a theme i've created for WP,
    i've done the entire design and it works prefectly fine until i converted it to WP format.
    it says "stylesheet is missing" and even after a long search through the internet and trying so many solutions it still won't work.
    it has all the needed code in it and i've even tried taking the first code part from some other css file and it still won't work
    it's located in the main directory as it should and basically everything just looks like it should work but it does not, it won't even show me a preview for the design.

    does anyone have an idea about what i can do to solve this pickle? (WP v.2.9.2)

  2. G'day to you,
    You are posting to the wrong forum. We cannot help you here at wordpress.COM with your wordpress.ORG thinstall. Please read the sticky post at the head of the forum > and then post to e correct forum for your software > http://wordpress.ORG/support/

  3. kk, thanks, sorry

  4. No problem and best wishes with your blog. :)

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