Stylesheet randomly won't load.

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    So I’ve had a blog that I’ve neglected for a long time, but I’ve been using the same layout for the past two years. I like the layout and it has held up through every wordpress upgrade so far.

    I tried blogging again last night and the page would just randomly NOT load the stylesheet after a few too many refreshes (whether I hit Ctrl+R or previewed a new post too many times). Meaning: the tables and sidebar would not load and the links/text would appear on an entirely black background with the default-blue links…my site has a black/white/gray/pale green color scheme.
    I use an almost identical stylesheet on the rest of my site (the parts that don’t incorporate wordpress), and those pages don’t have this “refresh too many times and it dies” problem. So I’m pretty sure this is an issue with WordPress itself, not my host/server. I didn’t alter the stylesheet at all either, so there’s no problem to look for — it literally just didn’t load properly, at random.

    I DID notice a quick fix: when I go the theme editor, and just re-save the stylesheet (WITHOUT TOUCHING/ALTERING ANYTHING), everything loads properly again. But if I edit the widgets, preview the new post I’m writing or refresh the page too many times… I don’t know, something goes out of whack and it starts loading improperly.

    I hope I explained this well enough. I don’t even know how this is possible. Maybe a glitch in WordPress itself?

    Any input/suggestions/help would be appreciated, as I’m having trouble figuring this thing out on my own.

    Here is the site I’m trying to update:

    As of right now, it seems to be loading correctly. But I don’t know when it’s going to choose not to.



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    #806180 is not a wordpress.COM site, in fact it isn’t a wordpress anything. We can’t help you with that.


    I am using WordPress for my blog. No, it’s not hosted ~by WordPress, but it’s the same software and I just upgraded to the latest version.


    I take that back, it is a self-hosted wordpress installation done with frames or something. You need to inquire at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ as that is where self-hosted wordpress sites are supported.

    That said, anytime you do things in frames you are asking for problems. Not a good idea.


    Thanks for the link, although I doubt it has anything to do with the frames. The problem persists when I’m visiting the blog directly.

    But I’ll go check that site and see if anybody can help me.

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