Styling Tags – Clouds & Drop-Down Boxes

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    Wouldn’t it be great if we could style the display of tags in our widgets just like the way we can style categories? I would love to have size controls on my tag cloud like the ones on the category cloud, and I would also like to have the option of displaying my tags in a drop-down box in the sidebar – just like the category widget.

    I’ve written support about this more than once but never get a response. It seems that it would be a relatively easy thing to implement and I thought that if enough people voiced their support that we might get something done. :)



    Yep, I’d like to be able to list tags and define the size of the font to keep them all neat.


    More control over the appearance of the tag cloud been pondered by bloggers before. Staff says they will maybe, probably, possibly do it in the future. The future is a big place.

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