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Sub blogs?

  1. Is there any way to create sub blogs on our main blog? We started a "team-blog" but each of us want to post his/her own stuff in a separate blog being a part of the main blog. I started building new pages for each of us, but there is no way to post (only editing).

    Sorry, we just started in this community..
    Thanx, Bob

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not technically, no. Do NOT build those pages for each of you, because pages and blogs are not the same. Just use the Author widget and then people can click on the name to get all the posts of that person.

  3. Thanks, but therefor all posts will appear on the main blog. that's whta we tried to avoid..

  4. You can set the landing page of the main blog to a static page, but the only other workaround that gives you what you're asking for is to make completely separate blogs and use RSS widgets to put the feed of each blog in the sidebar, and to maybe also use the following trick to make each blog a tab on the header. They are NOT all part of the same blog, though. They are completely separate and you've just used some tricks to get them to look the same. Dunno if that's what you want. Your local categories, for instance, won't connect with one another.

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