Sub Categories Dissapearing!

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    When i go to add a sub category to any of my categories, it appears to be successful as the little bar does that blue/yellow fadey thing, but when i view my site, or even refresh that page im on, the sub categories are just deleted. my blog is – im doing the same thing when i put sub categories to the “iDAT Year 1 Work” category, and as you can see by the heirachy appearance, it has worked. When i go to write a post, the categories that disappeared are NOT there to select so i really dont know whats going on.

    This is for university coursework, any help is appreciated.



    You appear to have the ability to create sub categories on this blog however, if you are still having problems please post again.



    I’m having similar trouble today. I created a new sub category and it appeared to save correctly but when I wrote a new post and wanted to put it in the sub category that sub category wasn’t available. I tried this a few times this evening and each time the sub category got “lost”.



    Please do not post into more than one thread. You can contact support using the support tab at the top right hand corner of your dashboard or go to during support hours 9-5 PM Pacific

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