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    I’ve created a few parent categories and many sub-categories, but after adding the category widget, it only shows a long list of categories w/o hierarchy.
    Same results as a list and drop-down menu.

    Any suggestions on this?

    Thank you kindly.

    The blog I need help with is



    A little more info…

    I see the sub-categories are in the list, but without the indentation.

    As for the drop-down category widget, it just shows up as alphabetized (by category name).


    We need a link to the blog you are talking about please.




    I’ll just choose a different theme. Too many issues with font colors not working with background.




    I added new categories to my blog but each time I view my page and I click on categories, it takes me to a tag page with a like this
    instead of this
    please I need help on this.
    Thank you



    I tried this
    I replaced this link with this manually by entering the address in the address box and it took me to the right category but if I should click on the Category on my page it will take me to this
    I have not tagged anything so I’m wondering why its taking me to the page.
    Thank you.


    Uppaway’s question referred to Structure; also posted and answerred here:

    @stephensng: Please search the forum before posting questions; your question has been answered many times. Categories and tags in your Category or Tag widget link to your posts; categories and tags in the post metadata link to the global tag pages. That’s the way all blogs work, it may be helpful to visitors looking for other blogs/posts on the same topic, and it’s good for your traffic.

    As for your last phrase, categories and tags are exactly the same thing: for search engines they’re all tags.

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