Sub domains vs folders for SEO Purposes

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    I have recently moved my blog to a subdomain of my main domain. However I am told that any social signals I have on my main domain will not necessarily or in full flow to the sub domain as search engines treat sub domains as entirely different domains. I would really appreciate some guidance please on how to overcome this problem and suggestions of what I can do. Should I be moving the blog to a folder and my main domain in order to retain the social signals of my main domain and where can I find info on how to do this?

    The blog I need help with is


    WordPress.COM only maps to TLDs (top level domains) or to subdomains, not to subdirectories.

    Also the benefit SEO wise between subdirectories and subdomains is small at best small and I’ve yet to see any definitive proof one way or the other.


    Great thanks for the re-assurance, I read yesterday that some of the link juice from main domain, will flow to sub domain if the main domain is linked to the sub domain. So I have created 2 links on the main domain to the sub domain. I suppose I shouldn’t over do it in order to keep it natural and no obvious need to move the blog to a sub directory. My understanding of this is that I will then need to use and it then becomes more technical in designing and managing the blog. seems to be the easiest way for a an amateur like me who is only really optimising my own site.


    Yeah, don’t overdo it, but yes, some links between the two is a good idea. I always do that too.

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