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Sub-menu doesn't appear

  1. HI,
    I use the theme twenty-10, I've added a custom link (football)add to menu then drag it under the menu "passion",drag it to the right so it becomes sub-menu,then save .When I hover my mouse I don't see sub-menu football?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to Dashboard, Appearance, Manu.

    On the box where you moved your Football submenu item and indented it under your Passion menu item, make sure you clicked Save Menu. At the top of that same box you will see Menu Name with the Name of that menu that you made. NOW look to the left and under the heading Theme Locations you will see "Your theme supports 1 menu. Select which menu you would like to use." Select the name of the menu you want to use from the drop down box. Click Save.

    Now go back to your site and Refresh and see if your submenu appears.

  3. HI,

    thank you for your input, I understand what you told me BUT , you see I have 4 menus : home, other travels, passion, posts, if I click under theme location, menu "passion" then save, when i refresh it, only passion will appear with the sub-menu "football" the remaining menus will disappear !
    if I understand, there is no way i can have 4 menus under this theme + 1 sub-menu?

  4. You really don't need 4 menus. What it seems like you want is one menu with those 4 items, home, other travels, passions, posts. And when I visited your blog you did have those 4 items but in one menu. So all you need is to add the submenu item football under the menu item passion on that menu where you already have your 4 items. This is the documentation for what you want to do Custom Menu ...

    You are almost there... read this documentation. I know you can do this because I have the same theme with 5 menu items and some of them have submenus.

  5. The missing key is that you need first to create your 1 custom menu with your 4 items and then add your submenu item.

  6. I have the same theme with 5 menu items and some of them have submenus.

    can you please provide your blog, I'd like to see your 5 menus



  7. You're confusing menus with menu items. Study this post please:

  8. @magicalex21 Sorry the blog is private. See Justpi's post above. He is the expert on this and the link he provided is what helped me get mine set up.

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