Sub-menu items DISAPPEAR when I mouse-over onto them !!!

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    Never had this problem with menus before… in SUNDANCE theme creating a new menu with one-level of sub-menu items. Saved menu, activated it, view the site… top-level items of menu all appear correctly. When I mouseover top-level menu item the dropdown list of sub-menu items appears but as soon as I move the mouse onto one of those sub-menu items they DISAPPEAR and cannot be clicked! Odd thing… if I attempt to DRAG the top-level menu item downward then the sub-menu items DON’T disappear and can be successfully selected! Never had this problem with other themes that support custom-menu. HELP !!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    I am using Firefox 15.0. 1 Sundance is behaving exactly the same way it does on my blog and as it behaves in the live demo site for me I can click the sub-menu item links. I suspect you may be experiencing a browser issue. Which browser and version of it are you using please? If required you can upgrade any browser version here


    Yes, it may be browser-related somehow. I pulled up my site in IE7 and the pulldown menus worked fine. I was running Firefox 14.0.1 when I reported this, and updated to 15.0.1, cleared all browser history and caches, and am still having the same problem (on my site, the sundance theme demo, and your site). Each of the POSTS are using the “standard” format (instead of “video”) and each of the PAGES are using the “full width page” template instead of the “default template”. (I also tried using “default template” but made no difference). Sub-menus still disappear the moment I mouse off the top-level menu-item. (I tried the “browsehappy” link but it reports my Firefox is up-to-date at 15.0.1). Can you think of anything else which might cause it be wonky…. Java or Flash perhaps? Am running Firefox PLUGINS Java Platform SE-7-U7 and Flash 11.4.402.265 and EXTENSIONS Java Console 6.0.33. Any further help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I’ll need to choose another template… can the ENTIRE background color for template ABLE be changed to the grey I like so much on Sundance? (when I change the Background color it only changes the trim along the outer-edge and the top of the page.) THANK-YOU for your efforts on my behalf!



    I’m sorry but I’m all out of ideas. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you with this.


    doesn’t this issue sound extremely similar to the problem the user in was having with sub-menus?

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