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    i have set up my blog, added content, but it won’t link to the pages in my photo ‘drop down’ menu even though i can view the page from the pages editor! i can’t figure it out!


    The blog I need help with is



    What specific page are we talking about? We need the URL starting with http.


    so i discovered that i can open the page in another tab, but i guess my question now is how do i get the page to open in the same window? cheers :)



    That’s the blog itself. What specific page or post do you need to open from which specific drop-down menu?


    all of the pages in the photos drop down menu!



    I just checked out your blog in Chrome, IE and Firefox and all of the links under ‘photos’ open in the same window just fine for me.

    Is it possible that you have a setting in your browser that opens links in new windows? I know some tab manager add-ons have settings like that.

    Maybe just try it in a different browser?


    great! i’ve tried in both Safari and Mercury, but am on an ipad, so am wondering if that’s why i’m having the problem! i can access my dashboard menu (mostly) just fine! cheers!



    The links work just fine for me.


    just discovered the ipad issue is in landscape mode only, in potrait mode the links open in the same window! cheers everyone!

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