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Sub-menus appear, are in the right order, but do not work

  1. My sub-menus to not work properly. They appear but they are detached from "About Us" in the main menu. When I try to click on the links in the sub-menu, the sub-menu retracts into the main menu or the links do not respond when I click on them if I can actually touch them. Once in a great while, without doing anything new, I can click on the sub-menu and get to the page I need. I have tried everything by following the directions in the following links:

    The numbers in the Page Attributes and the order of the submenus is consistent: "About Us" is the parent; "Clergy and Staff" is the first submenu, and "Worship, Community, Prayer, and Service" is the second.

    I tried removing the items from the menu and putting them back, then refreshing the page. Tried clearing the cache and the history, but nothing seems to solve the problem. The site is


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are two approaches you can use. This first one is when you only have Pages.

    1. Page Order - Page attributes module order numerically rather than alphabetically.

    2. This approach is for those who have created a custom menu and have added pages to that custom menu.
    create a custom menu
    add the pages and sub-pages
    order them

    Troubleshooting – My pages are in the wrong order
    If you have a custom menu then you must establish consistency. Check the Pages sub-pages themselves to see if you have established a Parent page and child page “hierarchical structure” in the page attributes module. Remove if required.

    Also remove any “order” numbers you have assigned that may conflict with the order you are creating by dropping and dragging. Or simply change them so they are the same order as you establish in the menu. Establish consistency – problem solved

  3. Thanks...

    I have only static pages and I tried all of the above. The numeric order of the pages

    About Us (parent)
    Clergy and Staff
    Worship, Community, Service

    are consistent with the order of the sub-pages in the custom menu, as well as in the menu bar.

    The one thing I did not think of was this: Tried that but there was no change, so I cleared the history and emptied the cache to see if the sub-menus would work. They still didn't. I am confused.


  4. There are many common errors, misunderstandings and misconceptions when creating custom menus and you can read about them here. > Hopefully, you will find the help you need there.

  5. Your dropdown works fine. You're probably having a browser issue. What browser and version are you using?

    By the way, when you use a custom menu you don't need to set page order numbers (you don't even need to turn the pages into actual child pages).

  6. Thanks, justpi.

    It's the latest version of Firefox 18.0.2 and the OS is Windows XP. One would think it would work in the latest version of Firefox, and it sort of does work from time to very inconsistently. It does work perfectly in Chrome.

    It's good to know that I successfully taught myself how to create sub-menus and didn't make any mistakes after all.


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