Sub-menus & custom links won't "save"

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    I created pages. Then I created a menu with pages and custom links (place-holder tabs for other pages) according to these instructions: null. For the pages under custom links, I dragged them right to indent, which should nest them under the custom link, right?

    Everything works fine until I click “save menu.” I click save, and the pages under custom links move back in line with the other pages. NONE of the menu tabs publish, in fact, when I look at my website–my menu bar is absent.

    I have the Lifestyle theme with supports custom menus. I enabled both primary and secondary menus. I enabled drop-down “fancy” menus. My pages show up with their content under the “pages” tab, but I can’t them them to work on the menu. I’ve deleted and retried it twice.

    What’s wrong?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Because you are asking about a premium theme (which we volunteers cannot experiment with) you should ask at
    as explained here:

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