Sub-Menus disappear when trying to hover and select

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    I’m having a problem with my sub-menus and it does not consistently happen, but is very frustrating when it does. If my readers are getting the same error, I wouldn’t be surprised if I lose potential regular followers because of it. My blog is Some of the sub-menus disappear when you dry to move down and select them. If I select on the main menu tab, sometimes I am able to select the sub-menus at that point. However, this doesn’t always work and I wouldn’t expect readers to know to do this. I can’t figure out why this is happening and am not sure if it’s a bug in the Matala theme a setting or what. I tried searching for answers and though I found this topic, I couldn’t find any answers that helped me. Please advise. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve tried your site in Safari, Opera and Firefox and the submenus work just fine in all of those browsers.

    What browser and browser version are you seeing the issue in?



    Hi, I use Safari. I’m having the problem right now with the “Style Library,” “HairStories” and “Miscell” sub-menus. I often will have more than one window open with my site (working from the dashboard and from the actual site), so I don’t know if that has something to do with it? Again, it doesn’t always happen, so I wasn’t sure if it is somehow related to that and if I need to Quit Safari and start again with only one window?



    Oh, and oddly enough, when I selected the header menu for the “Style Library” and went into “archives,” all the sub-menus work.



    Sorry, so just to clarify, this seems to happen when I’m on the home page of the site.



    I’m using Firefox 8 I don’t have disappearing sub-menus. What I see is see all the sub-menus are appearing “crooked”. There’s definitely something odd about the display I’m seeing.

    In IE8 I’m not experiencing disappearing sub-menus but the “crookedness” is not evident as it is in Firefox 8.



    Oh, and I’m sorry, I didn’t include my version of Safari, it’s 5.1.2. Timethief, I’ve seen that before too. It must have been in IE8 as that is the only other browser I think that I would have used. Thanks.


    The menus are at an angle in Matala and that is something that is done in the PHP script files so not something we can “fix.” On the menus being level in IE, it could be that IE doesn’t understand the code used (there is a lot IE doesn’t understand that all other browsers do).

    The number of windows or tabs open should not cause a problem. I would suggest logging out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart Safari and then try again to see what happens.


    It would be nice if you could set a delay on the menus so if you slipped off the edge momentarily you would not have to start all over again, but the menu system here is pure HTML and CSS, which is good for the widest compatibility. To have a delay, the menus would have to be javascript based I think an that would be less compatible in general. There are also SEO considerations. HTML/CSS menus are much better.



    Okay, thank you for the advice. If it seems like it would work for my readers, I’m not concerned. I know how to get around the issue on my computer, so it’s not a big deal for me. Think I’ll skip the clearing my caches and cookies as I don’t feel like going through the headache of trying to remember all of my passwords and security questions when the info is cleared.

    Okay, again, thanks for your speedy reply!


    Cache and cookie clearing do not dump passwords. Go to the safari menu and then click on “reset safari” and you can then choose what do dump and what not to dump.


    That should be “Cache and cookie clearing does not dump passwords.

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