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Sub-page doesn't appear under parent

  1. Dear All,

    I have read some of the relevant topics in the forums, but still cannot find the right answer. Hope someone could help.

    Here is the address:

    I have inserted a sub-page under "The Happenings". But it doesnt appear, although I have selected this option:


    The Happenings

    You can arrange your pages in hierarchies. For example, you could have an “About” page that has “Life Story” and “My Dog” pages under it. There are no limits to how deeply nested you can make pages...."

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The hierarchy will only appear for you in the Pages Widget within your sidebar (you will first need to add this to your sidebar via Appearance -> Widgets.). Your theme will not automatically display the hierarchy.

  3. So, apart from adding the Pages widget, better add a link to the subpage in the parent page as well.

  4. I agree with panaghiotisadam as I have found that supplying links to subpages on the parent pages works well for my readers, particulalry those who didn't take note of the pages widget dispaly in the sidebar.

  5. Twice so in this particular case, since the theme has a bottombar instead of a sidebar.

  6. Exactly. :) The Pages widget is way down in the footer so it's not likely that all visitors may locate it and use it to access subpages.

  7. Yes indeed. I hesitated to answer this particular question because it appears that the OP has no posting page. He has 13 static pages, though. All of them relatively short so the bottombar remains visible for the most part.

    An unusual structure for a blog like his. In my humble opinion…

  8. Oops, sorry. Archives is the dynamic page.

  9. Hi All,

    Thanks a lot for the advice.

    @ Bubel & @ 1tess:
    Yes, I have already added the page widget before, but actually this is not what I wish. Secondly, the 11 pages ( the other 2 came with the theme automatically - archive and rss feed) will consist not only static pages. The main posting and update will be under the "latest news". And from time to time, the "Welcoming"page will always be updated, as well as the other pages according to their relevant issues. Since this page is only 4 days old, in the future, some of the pages will be gone, like "soft launch comment".

    @panaghiotisadam and timethief:
    I have infact added the links as both of your suggestions as well (see under "the happenings", linked as number 1-5). Initially, I thought this theme will immediately show the sub-pages content, once someone click the parents (here "the happenings"). In fact, it did happen once by accident, that once I click the parent "the happenings", it shows all the sub-pages content (exactly looks like the "archives" at the moment, showing all the previous posts or pages under "archive" as parent).

    @1tess: Indeed my page does look very different from a normal blog, as it is designed to be a mixture of blog and webpage. Secondly, I would like to maintain the page very simple, clean and not fully jammed with words. So the bottombar is just perfect for me. Just another distinctive page, to put it that way:-)

    Such a pity, that the sub-pages content could not come out directly on the parent page at the moment (or maybe by error). Not sure why the creator designed it in such a way or maybe it is just WP policy for

    Again, thanks to all.


  10. @dykens: You're welcome.

    Themes aren't designed by WP. It's just that very few themes happen to have the feature you're looking for - see here:

  11. There are themes which show a dropdown menu of subpages. Inove is one. (plus some of the other newer themes)
    and with paid CSS upgrade (and experience, expertise and willingness to work it out for yourself) at least one of the Sandbox themes could have dropdown menus.

    By using pages rather than posts as a "normal" blog, you are missing out on a great deal of SEO. That is up to you. Blogs with posts on dynamic 'pages' as the primary way of communicating with the "blog-o-sphere" or interweb in general have much more likely-hood of being found by readers worldwide. Up to you.

  12. ~~ panos.
    I am thinking slowly tonight?

  13. Thanks @panaghiotisadam, let me know if you come across great simple, clean, white design, three column by chance.

    @1tess: Have you read my "Waiting Lounge at The Hermitage"?
    Yes, this page will have its new address soon at:

    And you are absolutely right, I have missed a lot of great features with, including Java Script, Flash and SEO and many others. And therefore, after 3 days, I decided to move to At the moment, I still use the same theme there (at the hosted page, but not yet being launched), but since it is so inflexible, I might want to change the design and theme. Hopefully, I could really find a theme, which I like.

  14. This is the link to and it would be confusing if you continued to post here on the forum about themes for software installs. Please ask your question here and only post to this forum about issues.

  15. @timethief:
    I have not yet moved. But it is on the progress and not will come in anytime soon! I know I have to ask in the Forum, but at the moment, the page is still under And in the meantime I would want to keep my post in until the page is moved and exported.

  16. I understand that. is a multiuser bllogging platform and wordpressorg has software install for independent self hosting. Are you aware that the themes we have at have all been "adpated" from the original versions of the themes created to run on software? Most members are not aware of that.

    The De Po Masthead version here at is not the same as the original for software. Therefore discussing what themes you may wish to use over at is bound to lead to confusion here.

  17. @timethief: I really feel disturbed, that everytime you keep on advising people in all pages or forum that one should go to the WP Forum to ask for advice, should one registered under I read most of the previous help forum before I come to ask for a help her, and I keep on finding such an advice "please go to forum"! And now I get this message as well, although I am still on and still want to post here on!

  18. Also when you say "until the page is moved and exported" it sounds as though you may think you can expeort the theme from here and upload it at This is not the case. You can export the contents of the blog out in two separate files. One will contain all posts, comments, pages, custom fields, categories, and tags. The other file will contain your blogroll Links only.

  19. I know about this, that the theme will not be exported.

  20. Good I'm so glad we discussed this so if any other blogger reads this thread they will now clearly understand that the software is different and themes cannot be exported out of into blogs and vias versa.

    Of course, you can post about your blog and any issues that relate to it here. :)

  21. One more correction for your knowledge:

    Themes can be exported out of into blogs and vis versa.

    Have a look here again!

  22. re:

    And you are absolutely right, I have missed a lot of great features with, including Java Script, Flash and SEO and many others. And therefore, after 3 days, I decided to move to At the moment, I still use the same theme there (at the hosted page, but not yet being launched), but since it is so inflexible, I might want to change the design and theme. Hopefully, I could really find a theme, which I like.

    You have not missed "features" so much as you have missed out on how to use the dynamic nature of a blog to be found by search engines and many potential readers. By structuring your blog as a bunch of pages, you have missed the point of having a blog with constantly changing content continually cataloged by search engines which will enable new readers to find your content.

    Whether you self-host or remain at wp,com you are not grasping an important concept.

    None the less: happy blogging! No hard wishes!

  23. @1tess: Thanks a lot. Appreciate your message.


    @ All : about hard wishes: We come here to ask for help, not like a customer being pushed or treated away out of the store to the street, should one is well informed. Finally, we are human behind the screen.

  24. @dykens
    If you take a close look you will see that the blog you linked to here is still free hosted by

    My own blog is also still free hosted by I simply bought a domain name for it and domain mapping.

    Before Upgrading
    The Domain Mapping Upgrade does not enable the permission to use advertising, any kind of prohibited code, or upload additional themes and plugins. With the upgrade, your blog will still be hosted here at, which means that you will not have FTP access to your files and must still abide by our Terms of Service accordingly.

    I repeat themes cannot be exported out of blogs and uploaded into blogs. The themes we have at have been adapted to run on multiuser software from the original versions coded to run on software.

    Likewise themes from which are not coded to run on the multuser blogging platform cannot be uploaded into blogs. In fact, blogs do not have FTP access.

  25. @timethief:
    I have downloaded DePo from here, as I posted before to you.,

    and I have tried at and it works. Should you think it doesn't work, I respect your opinion.

    Let's close this discussion. No hard wishes and feeling.


  26. Please look at these two blogs.

    This blog has it's own domain and domain mapping from the root blog at but it still free hosted by The theme on it is the version of Vigilance that has been adapted to run on multiuser software.

    This blog has it's own domain and domain mapping from the root blog at It is a on free software install from being web hosted by A Small Orange. The theme is the version of Vigilance theme that is coded to run on software.

  27. End Note:

    In the future, will not use any theme from

  28. @dykens:
    "Themes can be exported out of into blogs and vis versa": Wrong.
    "I have downloaded DePo [...] and I have tried at and it works": Right.

    You can import and export content, not themes. If you have a blog, you can download and install any one of the countless themes designed for the purpose. If you have a blog, you can select and load one of the (currently 82) themes adapted and made available to users. Nobody said or implied you cannot use DePo –or any other of those 82 themes– in a blog: there's a version for users (updated by the designer of the theme) and a version for users (updated by WP).

    As for timethief telling people to head over to the other forum: yes she does, all the time, and so does every experienced volunteer here. Threads by users is the number one plague of this forum; keeping the two forums separate and directing users to their proper forum is official policy (check some "supportbot" replies), for good reason: the software is different, the possibilities are different, some of the problems are different, some of the solutions are different; replies re both com and org problems in the same forum would confuse most members seeking advice.

  29. sigh.

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