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Sub-page doesn't appear under parent

  1. sigh

  2. panaghiotisadam

    @dykens PS

    Check the latest specimen of my stock response:

    You'll see that timethief is actually kinder than me: she goes into the trouble of providing the necessary link - I just tell them to go see the sticky they should have read in the first place (8 Things to Know BEFORE Posting).

  3. panaghiotisadam

    (@T&tt: sigh )

  4. :(

  5. @panaghiotisadam: Thanks.I have read as well some of your response, and I agree when you or any other volunteer supporters in directing people to the right forum to ask. But my blog is currently at If I have moved to, surely I will ask there. And what is going to happen if I go to now? They will say go to

    The fact that I haven't moved, and I am trying to ask the solution for DePo Theme at, so please stick to this question to answer.

    If I don't understand the rule, such as not giving out the address of my blog on the problem introduction, or not reading "8 things before posting, added", and if my blog were already at, YES, please kindly advise me to and I am happy to hear that.

    Secondly, read first or browse through first carefully my page before giving me advice. As apparently I might have put the features in as what some of you might have advised before (like the link under parent page to help readers to know there are subpages, and so on) I appreciate advice from all of you. If you expect bloggers to read all of the rules carefully before coming to ask and do their homework to find the necessary solution first by themselves, I also expect that supporters read carefully and browse the page in detail before giving any comments and help.

    In the end of the day, Support section is dedicated to help someone. When someone is already try his own best to find the solution at "help and forum" section after many hours, of course in the end one has to come here to ask for input should one is stucked. But getting such an advice to go away and seek another answer in another place, when someone is still at is absurd!

    Please use the fact to answer, not judgement, feeling or intuition.

    As WordPress is an open source blog publishing application which can also be used for basic content management, I wish, all volunteers are trying their best to really help in a sophisticated and professional way. Being opened doesn't mean judgemental and advise as you like.

  6. @dykens
    As far as we know the version of the De Po Masthead here at is working exactly as it is expected to work on this multiuser blogging platform. If you have any concerns about that theme please take them directly to Staff

  7. @timethief:
    Thanks a lot timethief. I am satisfied with your last advice and help. Have a good weekend.

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