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    Hi there,

    I’ve got an image gallery page on my blog (imaginatively titled ‘Gallery’). What I would like to do is create sub-pages from my Gallery page so that I can add seperate image galleries according to the events at which the images were taken.

    For example, from the Gallery page I would like to create a seperate sub-page/gallery for images from an event in January. And a seperate sub-page/gallery for images from an event in March, and so on. I assume the hierarchy would look something like this:

    How do I do this? I’ve looked at the Page Attributes page in the support section, and whilst it tells me that I may be able to do this, it does not tell me HOW!

    For what it’s worth, my blog uses the Mystique theme.

    Any help or advice on this would be much appreciated.



    The blog I need help with is



    I can’t answer your question but hopefully another Volunteer will be able to.



    If you want to use Pages, there are two ways you can create subpages for your Gallery Page: Either using Child Pages of the Gallery Parent Page (set up in the Page attribute module) or by using a Custom Menu for your entire site.

    Alternately, you might want to consider posting those images in a Post (it’s content to be posted!) and then reusing them in a special Gallery page using the Post ID number from that post.

    Or better still, tag those Posts with a “Gallery” category (not to be confused with the Gallery post format) and then create a Custom Menu that will display those Posts when someone clicks on the Gallery category tab in the navigation bar.

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