Subcategories not showing up – help please?

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    I’m new to WP, and I’m afraid this is a silly question, but frankly I’ve seen much sillier so I’m going for it..

    I can’t seem to create a hierarchy for my categories. I have created several subcategories and assigned them an already existing category as a parent, but they still appear as ordinary categories on the front page, whereas I would like them to appear underneath the parent category to which they belong – e.g. as at

    I’m found here

    and would like, for instance, the “Vic Zhou” subcategory to appear underneath the “Actors/Actresses” category, not as an entirely independent category as it currently does.

    Please help!


    Go to design > widgets and click “edit” on the category widget and select “show hierarchy” then click change, then click “save changes.

    Do note that not all themes will show the child categories indented below the parent.

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