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    I was trying to organise my categories today (because I figured it’s time I’ve started tagging instead), but when I tried putting some categories under parents, they disappear from the Manage Categories list. In fact, I don’t see them in the checkbox list when I try to post a new entry either. However, the categories are still listed on my blog itself, which is somewhat confusing.

    My blog:

    (Update: I’ve just noticed that they might have become tags?)

    Help greatly appreciated. =)



    As a further update, I have been unable to create new subcategories under parent categories as well. They are created just fine in the Manage section, but I am unable to add them onto posts, and when I return to the Manage page, they appear to have vanished!

    Once again, thanks for any help.




    Just wanted to chime in — I have the same problem. With one slight difference – one set of categories I filed under a parent is fine. But the rest have disappeared from the manager. All the categories, however, appear to be treated as tags when you click them next to the post title. Wondering a little about that too.

    But mostly wanting my filing ability of those disappeared categories back.


    Indeed, it’s getting on my nerves a bit. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having the same problem too. Hope it gets resolved soon enough. =(



    Same problem here with subcategories disappearing, and only reappearing when deleting their parent category. Immediately happens again when I create the parent and subcategories anew. However, some other parents and subcategories still work fine.

    When deleting one of the “broken” categories and then opening the “Edit Category” URL with it’s Category ID, the name and description are still there, so part of the problem might be that deleted categories are not actually deleted.



    Staff do monitor these threads but if your problems are not rectified by Monday then you can use this link to contact staff and request assistance



    Im having the same issue or the category is listed on my pull down, but not under the parent category. Should it be in a hierarchy format?



    it should be in hierarchy format if you selected that option in the Categories widget.

    To open the widget:
    Dashboard->Presentation->Widgets->Click on the little box on the Categories widget



    i’m having the same problem as well. hope it gets fixed soon.



    There’s no such thing as providing too much information to staff.
    What is your operating system?
    Which browser and version of it do you use?
    Have you followed judy’s instructions above?



    I’m having the same issue as well: a subcategory I created has apparently vanished in the list of categories, although it still shows up on the post itself. I’m not interested in having it be a tag, if that’s what is happening; I want a subcategory. :)


    same problem here…. no sub categories



    @ravenlocks and explorewithus

    Volunteers answering forum questions do not have backend access to blogs and cannot remedy your problem. Currently there’s a great deal of confusion as to subcategories, categories and tags and how they do or do not work.

    There’s no such thing as providing too much information to staff.
    What is your operating system?
    Which browser and version of it do you use?
    To contact staff during support hours you can use this link



    I am having the same problem: I create new subcategories in the manager and save them, but they don’t show up. And now, some categories created on the fly aren’t showing up, either. It’s really frustrating! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I am using Firefox on MacOSX10.4.10 and my blog is at



    I’m having the same problem as cactusbeetroot, falwyn and mxbdave.
    I’ve followed judyb12’s instructions.
    My OS is Windows XP 5.1 Service Pack 2
    My browsers are IE 7 and Firefox (have tried with both)



    I’m sorry to say that this is not an issue volunteers can address or correct. Only staff have backend access to blogs.



    Same problem, my sub categories just disappear. However they are still listed in the “Category parent” drop downbox in the Add Category thingy.

    In Write Post the added sub categories also do not show up, only first level categories.

    Annoying bug! Hope this will be fixed soon…



    Please reveal all your details to staff so they can help you.

    Tip: The information required will include a link to your blog, as well as, the browser and version of it that you use.



    Same problem here too. My details are same as millref.



    @hoanghaithuy and the others
    Although you may share the same problem your details are probably not the same.

    This is what staff require:
    – your browser
    – your browser version
    – your FULL blog address (not the name, the real address that begins http:// )
    – your FULL username
    – your REAL email address that is registered here
    – and a very good description of the exact problem.

    Support hours are weekedays from 9 – 5 PM Pacific time

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