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    Browser: IE 7.0.5730.13
    FULL blog address:
    FULL username: hoanghaithuy
    Email: (email redacted)
    Problem: When I create a new category, it appears on the list. No problem there. I refreshed the page once, it’s gone. Refresh again and it shows up. I go to Manage > Categories > Add Category. I add a new Category and select the parent (one which I just added.) It shows up on the list. Refresh the page and it’s gone.

    I checked under the Category parent and it’s there. But it won’t show up as an option when I create a new post.



    Excellent! Staff do monitor these threads on weekends and hopefully they will correct the problem before Monday.



    Browser: Firefox V
    FULL blog address:
    FULL username: flashtrigger
    Email: (email redacted)
    Problem: Initially, all my sub-categories no longer have any parent categories, meaning they become ‘main’ categories. Then, when I tried to edit them to be under their original parent categories, they disappear totally, although my posts are still under those sub-cats. However, some managed to ‘survived’ and be classed under their parent category (one only, actually).

    I tried to add a category of the same name and place it under the respective parent category, but the same thing happen to the new one.



    Browser: Firefox
    FULL blog address:
    FULL username: wiskaso
    Email: (email redacted)

    Same problem…



    Browser: Safari 2.0.4
    Blog address:
    Username: drmathochist
    Email address: (email redacted)
    Problem: Exactly the same as flashtrigger just said.



    Browser: Mozilla Firefox
    Browser version:
    Blog URI:
    User name: halo20
    E-mail: (email redacted)
    Problem: I tried to add my “Games” category under the “Computers” category and it was wiped out from every single place except posts’ category listings in “Manage Categories” and the blog itself. Exactly the same problem everybody else has here.



    I don’t know what happened but it works fine now. Very strange.



    mine isn’t working… i still have my categories without its childs :(


    Apologies for taking so long to close this, but I was a little afraid of risking my categories and having them disappear back then. =S

    I’m happy to report that things work now, and I hope the people who have yet to see their issues resolved will have the problems sorted out soon. =)



    My subcategories still don’t show…. I think this is just a shortcoming of the system. Or is there a particular skin that shows subcategories/

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