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    I’m not sure if I can do all that I’d like with the “category” feature. So far I’ve had no trouble adding categories and subcategories in my blog; everything is working smoothly. I’m curious as to whether I could create a new subcategory of more than parent category? Specifically, I’d be interested in creating a category that would be both a sub-category of “Parodies” (top-level category) and “E-Lipograms” (second-level category). I haven’t seen any way to do this, and I’m guessing that it isn’t possible. But if it is, I’d appreciate any advice in doing so. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, that is not possible. You could slightly change the subcategory names. That’s all I can think of.



    I was afraid of that, but it never hurts to ask. Thanks for your prompt response.


    You’re welcome.

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