subdomain issue – please help?

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    Hello there. I have a blog that I built using BLOGGER for three years. I have finally been convinced of the benefits of a WordPress membership, so I imported all my posts and comments from BLOGGER, and installed WordPress on my own domain by creating a /wp folder in my main domain.

    Now, my BLOGGER page has been forwarded to a subdomain ( for quite some time, but I would like to devote that subdomain my WordPress site. In the most simple of terms, my goal was to migrate from BLOGGER to WordPress and have the WordPress site point to my subdomain.

    I’ve hit a huge snag along the way. I tried in wp-admin to point the site to the subdomain, but it didn’t work (and, in fact, almost destroyed the WordPress site). I tried removing the BLOGGER setting to point that blog to the subdomain, and effectively killed THAT site, too!

    My hosting service is

    Please, does anybody know the easiest way I can resolve this issue? I am admittedly NOT a comp. sci. person, and generally use the trial-and-error method to tweak themes. I don’t know much about coding, and I hope nothing excessively difficult is involved in this process, and if it is, I might need it spelled out to me slowly. If there is someone who has the time and the patience to help, I would be most appreciative.



    And, by the way, the blog I’m working with is NOT linked to the user name that is posting this message. So if you desire to respond to me, just shoot me an e-mail (email removed to stop spambots getting it – Mark) and I’ll be sure to see it.



    Sorry you’re in the wrong forum this is WordPress.COM
    you need WordPress.ORG -> or ? The difference.

    Also putting a email in your post isn’t a good idea because
    the spam bots will spam the hell out of your email.

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