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    I May need to delete the domain from my Dashboard > My Upgrades > Domains screen. I am afraid that I am not able to manage subdomain DNS records as needed. I need to create a subdomain MX record (a MX record for in this case) for the proper flow of email but do not appear to be able to do this with the custom DNS Records page. If there is a way to create a subdomain MX record, I will do that and not delete the domain name from our site.

    Please advise.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    You’ll need to first enter a CNAME record to create the domain, then you can add the MX record.

    Your email provider should be able to give you the exact records that you need to add.



    I don’t follow. I already have an MX record for the primary domain ( entered in the custom dns. I need an MX record for a subdomain ( The Custom DNS in it’s simplicity, does not allow for an MX record for a subdomain as far as I can tell. I can create an CNAME of sub (resulting in a cname record of pointing to the server that the MX record is supposed to point to, but that will not meet my needs as I need an MX record for the actual domain.

    If this is not possible, I will need to to have this domain removed from my listed domains for this WordPress site. If WordPress would allow you to register to a WordPress, site, I could also make that work. But that is also not allowed.

    Please advise.




    MX records can be pointed to subdomains, as you can see in the examples at

    Before you do that, the subdomain needs to exist, which is what the CNAME is for.

    Your mail provider should be able to provide you with the correct records to simply copy and paste into the field.


    I may just be dense. I’m still not seeing that I can do what I am needing the examples (MX 5 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. for example) is an MX record for the domain (as seen above the custom DNS entries in the example) and not I do see that the MX points just fine TO a server containing a subdomain. The issue is that I need an MX record FOR a subdomain ( if using the provided example) of the WordPress domain I am configuring, not TO a subdomain (ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM). I am needing to point users to a valid MX for my domain (this is different than the MX for my domain). With any other hosted or self-hosted traditional DNS service, this is no problem at all.

    If I am missing something, I appologize but I don’t think the custom DNS can do what I am needed for MX records.



    Are you saying you want your email to be mail (at)


    Yes, that is correct. In order for mail flow to work correctly, I need to be able to have mail delivered to mail (at) It is also deliverable to mail (at) Both domain and sub-domain have separate MX records.



    Ok, that will work with an MX record, but you’ll also need to map the subdomain to your blog so you can enter DNS records specifically for that subdomain.


    So, that would be an additional $13 per year to be able to create an MX record for the sub-domain. That’s what I was afraid of. Hmmm….. I might go back to my previous registar’s DNS and use their hidden redirect in order to silently have be pointing to in the background. That would let me go back to a more full-featured DNS management ability for no additional cost. The cons of that are that end users cannot bookmark a specific page within the wordpress site (because everything shows up as and that administrators/editors have to access the site via for all managment and editing features to work properly.

    I was hoping that I was missing something in the configuration but looks like I was not unless we want to buy a second domain for our site. Thanks for the assistance MacManX.

    If I do want to remove the domain from the WordPress site, how do I request that? The domains page stated to submit a request to support, but the provided link just led to my post here in th forums.



    You’re welcome!

    If you’d like to cancel and refund your Domain Mapping upgrade, just let me know.


    I’ll have to ask the office how they want me to proceed.

    Just to be sure, WordPress does not allow us to create a domain of for our site. Is that correct? If we could do that, I could delagate DNS for from our root DNS to WordPress and manage my root domain and other sub-domain DNS as I currently do.



    If you mean register a new domain, you can do that by adding the desired domain via Store -> Domains in your blog’s Dashboard.


    Yes, it is stated that WordPress does not support a subdomain of as it strips out “www” from all URLs. Is that correct?



    Ah, yes that is correct. Sorry, I though you meant a new domain in general.

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