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    I’m new to wordpress and an Australian blogger. Hence I’d like .au attached to my blog. I’d like to have my blog at a subdomain of my website
    I tried but it was beyond my user ability and I purchused the domain mapping but realised I can’t add my word press blog to my subdomain. I don’t want to purchuse the hosting as well because it is only .com addresses. Do I have any options if I want to host at my subdomain rather than

    I am only a beginner so any help would be appreciated. If this isn’t possible I think it could be a good suggestion.

    Other than this, word press is great so far!



    You can buy the domain mapping upgrade for $10 a year and have connected with your blog if you want. I don’t understand why you’d think you couldn’t. You can’t use, but that’s not what you want to use anyway.



    Thanks for your response raincoaster. I did purchase the domain mapping but according to the faq I have to delete existing name servers and replace them with word press name servers. This meant deleating the name servers for my webpage at, which would affect my homepage as is a subdomain of My hosting provider suggested using A report??
    Any help would be appreciated.



    For a subdomain you would use a CNAME setting as explained in the FAQ

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