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Subdomains for an MLM company

  1. I am designing one main site for an MLM company. Each distributor will have their own subdomain with their name and a contact page. How do I set it up so that if I have 50 or more subdomains (usually the persons name) so that if I change the main site content all the subdomains will be updated as well.

  2. Two problems

    1) MLM anything is not allowed on WordPress.COM per the Terms of Service

    2) What you want to do can't be done from a technical standpoint on WordPress.COM anyway.

  3. I'm not using, I'm using WordPress and hosting myself. There's got to be a smart programmer out there who's done this-can't be that unusual of a request.

  4. You really should have read the sticky posts at the top of the forum before posting - this forum is for the support of sites hosted on WordPress.COM -

  5. head:desk

  6. Repeat as required

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  12. Thanks for all the help guys

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